8 Best Mulching Blades for Cub Cadet Mowers In 2022

Yes, we're talking about mulch. But when you've got a cub cadet lawnmower, you don't want just any old mulch blades. You want the best mulching blades for cub cadet on the market.

Mulching blades are an integral part of your lawnmower. They are responsible for chopping the grass into finer particles, which is what makes the process of mulching possible.

But to get the most out of your mulch mower blades, you'll need to make sure they're made of high-quality materials. And, of course, fit your particular mower.

Don't worry, though. We've done all the research necessary to bring you the top 8 best lawn mower blades for cub cadet. We also have a buyer's guide where we discuss what you should be looking out for when buying new mulching blades.

8 Best Mulching Blades for Cub Cadet Reviews

In this section, we will provide you with in-depth information about each product so you can make an informed decision as to which one is right for your needs.

1. CUB CADET Xtreme Mulching Blade Set

You might not think of mulching your lawn as an extreme activity. But when you've got to do it right, it's time to get Xtreme!

Go farther and faster with deeper, more controlled cuts with these tough mulching blades. But hey, what's so special about them?

First, this mulching kit comes in thicker gauge steel than the OEM blades. In addition, they're heat-treated for better durability.

This mulching kit will last up to four times longer than regular mower blades while offering a better cut at the same time. And they're built to work in any weather conditions!

It doesn't stop there, though. Xtreme mulching blade set is also engineered to perform in sandy conditions. It's able to withstand the wear and tear of sand, more than your typical OEM blade. And that means less dulling on your blades.

This 3-piece blade set combines durability and performance with a close cut every time you use them. In fact, they're built for low-and-close work that most blades can't handle.

With this blade set, you get nearly 50% more cutting surface than the original. That means that, in addition to saving yourself time and effort, you can also achieve a better cut. And that means a healthier lawn.

Unsure if it will fit your mower? Well, these Cub Cadet mulching blades work perfectly with any Cub Cadet Ultima Series Zero-Turn Riding Mowers with a 60-inch cutting deck.

Easy to mount, easy to remove, and made to last, you can mow your yard while looking like a ninja! Just stick 'em on and go.

And it doesn't matter whether it's your first time mulching or you're adding this to an existing setup. The Cub Cadet Xtreme Mulching Blade Set is up for the challenge.

Highlighted Features

  • More cutting surfaces for extreme mulching performance
  • Outlasts standard mulching blades in sandy conditions
  • Wing style design pushes grass for more efficient mulching
  • 60-inch deck cutting width for Ultima Series ZT2 and ZT3 lawnmowers
  • 6-point star mounting hole

2. MaxPower Commercial Mulching 2 Blade Set

These bad boys are quality. They're commercial-grade, so you know they're good for the long haul—not just one season of mowing.

You can rest assured knowing that these blades are amazingly strong, durable, and sharp. And it's not because we say so—it's because they've been through the heat treat process! The result? A more durable product that will last longer than the competition!

These commercial-grade blades are strong enough to withstand all of the wear and tear. From sports-turf grass to stubborn twigs, they'll cut it all.

Moreover, these 23.25-inch gator blades offer superior edge retention, which allows your lawnmower to cut with precision and accuracy. Also, they have a centrifugal airlift design that guarantees uniform chopping distribution.

Plus, these are mulching blades. Therefore, they'll be able to chew up those clippings into tiny bits that will fall back into your lawn and feed it. You won't have to worry about raking or bagging.

With two blades, you not only get a clean cut. But you can also keep on mowing even if one blade is being sharpened.

This mulching kit will fit most MTD, Troy-Bilt, and Cub Cadet riders with a 46" deck. Also, you can use it as a replacement for 942-04361, 742-04290-X, and 942-04290-X mower blades.

It's a tad expensive, but at least you'll know that once you start chewing up that grass, you won't stop until it's mulch. Or until your mower runs out of gas—whichever comes first.

Highlighted Features

  • 2-pack rider blade set for commercial mulching
  • Fits 46-inch deck size Cub Cadet mowers
  • Centrifugal airlift distributes clippings uniformly
  • 23-1/4" long x 2-1/2" wide blade size
  • 6-point star mounting hole

3. Oregon Gator G3 Lawnmower Replacement Blades

These Oregon Mower Blades aren't just any blades—they're top-of-the-line. In fact, many users consider them "gold standard" blades because they're high quality and affordable.

These blades are made of hardened alloy specially treated to ensure it stays sharp and durable for years to come. This means your lawnmower blade can take all kinds of a punishment without succumbing to damage.

Because of this, you can expect them to last longer than standard lawnmower blades. Moreover, they offer superior mulching and bagging performance for your lawn.

Moreover, the blades have a curved design. So they generate more airflow and cut through the grass more efficiently.

Every Oregon Gator G3® Blade goes through the same 26-point inspection process. With that many checkpoints, it's no wonder they're among the highest-quality blades on the market.

In addition, they come in packs of two, so you're set for a while. Also, they come with a promise that these will be the last blades you'll ever buy, thanks to the lifetime warranty.

Oregon G3 is one of the top mulching blades for cub cadet 46-inch deck. Plus, they fit most commercial and residential mowers. So they're pretty much guaranteed to be compatible with your mower.

Highlighted Features

  • X-tended cutting length increases efficiency with each revolution
  • High-lift design for superior bagging and side discharge
  • Gator blade design offers superior mulching
  • 22-7/8 inch blade length fits 46-inch deck size
  • 26-point certification guarantees the highest quality blades
  • A 5-point start hole fits most commercial and residential mowers
  • Limited lifetime warranty

4. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Mower Blade

The LawnRAZOR Mulching Mower Blade by 8TEN allows for superior lawn shredding and mulching. It provides you with the means to get your lawn care done quickly—and with a lot less work!

With this mulching blade, you'll get the same cut quality as top-of-the-line blades. It comes in hardened, tempered steel. So you can rest assured it will hold up to heavy use and give you long-lasting performance.

Also, the blade's edge stays sharper longer than other generic mower blades. So you don't have to worry about dulling your blade. Plus, it ensures your lawn gets cut better and looks better with every pass.

Did you know? This mower blade is crafted and honed entirely by hand by master metalworkers. The resulting blades not only make for the smoothest, most well-manicured lawns on the block. They are also well-balanced!

It's easy to install and fits most 54-inch mower decks. In fact, these blades perform so well that they're often used as replacements by major lawn mower manufacturers! This high-quality 18.5-inch replacement blade fits mowers from brands like Cub Cadet, Toro, and MTD.

Moreover, it comes in a pack of 3 blades, which means you'll have 2 backups!

Highlighted Features

  • Durable high-tempered powder coating
  • Hand balanced to match the speed of standard blades
  • Fits most 54-inch Cub Cadet decks
  • Six-point star mounting compatibility

5. Rotary PK3 Copperhead Mulching Blades

Copperhead Mulching Blades are high-lift, heavy-duty blades that have been optimized for use in tough mulching conditions. They have a symmetric design with a thicker blade body for extra strength and durability.

These blades boast heavier gauge steel and a more robust shape than most standard mower blades. And with the symmetric design, they hold their edge longer while mowing through thick grass and debris.

In addition, the blades have a unique gator-serrated wing tip tooth design. It's aerodynamic and helps draw grass into the deck while reducing airflow. For this reason, it's able to contain clippings under the deck.

Moreover, Copperhead Mulching Blade cuts cleanly through grass, giving it up to 25% better lift than other blades with the same cutting length.

Copperhead mulching blades are manufactured for a 54" cut deck. In addition, they have a universal center hole that fits most mowers.

Essentially, the blade improves mulching performance on all zero-turn mowers and lawn tractors . Hence, they're sure to fit your model - no guesswork in replacing them. It fits Cub Cadet mower models from 2006 and is newer.

Highlighted Features

  • Austempered blades for optimal hardness and durability
  • Centrifugal airlift for fast and uniform distribution of clippings
  • ISO 9000 certification for unparalleled quality
  • Aggressive vertical teeth increase cutting efficiency
  • Precision sharpened for a cleaner, finer cut

6. Terre Products Steel Mower Blade

The Terre Products Steel Mower Blade is a high-quality blade replacement for your lawnmower. It may not be as versatile as high-lift blades. But if you want to whack dry, shorter grasses, this low-lift blade will serve you best.

The blade comes in hardened, tempered steel, so it'll hold up season after season. It won't snap or bend while mulching through tough terrain like thistles, briars, and crabgrass.

Though strong and sturdy, the steel is also lightweight. It's the perfect balance of strength, durability, and maneuverability, making every cut easier than the last.

In addition, it preserves an edge that cuts grass cleanly and evenly. The blade is thin enough at its tip to make precise snips right when you need them. Yet, it's wide enough at its base to absorb impact without bending or breaking.

Moreover, the blade cuts a swath 21 inches across. It's perfect for those who have larger lawns or just want something dependable they can rely on when they need it most.

The Terre Products Steel Mower Blade is rated for commercial use. So you know that it can handle the demands of a larger yard.

This mower blade is a great replacement for the original equipment manufacturer's (OEM) blades. It's especially for Cub Cadet, Troy-Bilt, and MTD tractors. But it also fits an array of other leading lawncare brands and accommodates different deck sizes.

Perhaps, the only drawback is that only one blade is included in the package. So if you need more than one, be sure to order enough!

Highlighted Features

  • Low-lift design for dry, shorter grasses
  • Low suction power engineered for mowing on sandy soil
  • Silent operation with better side discharging
  • Rugged design for the most demanding applications
  • It Fits a 21-inch deck size

7. Oregon Gator G5 Mulching Blades

Outlast your competition with the Gator G5 Mulching Blade. It's a beefier version of the company's G3 model, and it's designed for commercial mowers that need to be able to handle all kinds of turf.

Sure, you could buy just any old blade for your lawnmower. Or you could get a blade that's been fused with TUNGSTEN CARBIDE!

That's right. This is no ordinary blade. It's been upgraded with an extra-hard, super-dense carbide material to preserve its cutting edge.

The result? A blade that stays sharper longer and can stand up to rugged conditions without losing its cutting edge.

Also, this G5 blade has an extra lift to suck up grass clippings and make sure that they're evenly distributed across your lawn. So you don't have to deal with ugly clumps or bare spots.

This 2-pack mower blade replaces 42" OEM Cub Cadet blades. It's definitely a product you'll want in your bag of tricks if you're a landscaper or a professional lawn caretaker.

But be aware because of their weight, these blade replacements might require some serious horsepower. If you don't have a tractor or mower with a lot of power, these might not be the best option for you.

Highlighted Features

  • Tungsten carbide results in an ultra-hard cutting edge
  • Preserves cutting edge longer than standard carbon steel blades
  • X-tended design offers 2x the cutting length
  • Cub Cadet mulching blades 42 inch replacement
  • Gator blade design for superior mulching
  • Extra high lift for superior side discharge

8. Arnold Lawn Mower Mulching Kit

Are you looking for the ultimate Cub Cadet mulching kit? Well, we have just that!

Never worry about getting the wrong parts again. With the Arnold OEM Replacement Mulching Kit, you can rest assured that your mulching kit will fit perfectly. Even on the most demanding Xtreme tasks!

This mulching kit features Xtreme Mulching Blades. It's an improved version of the original blade that comes on your lawnmower for maximum cutting and mulching power.

The blades cut the grass into finer pieces than standard mulching blades. Hence, it's able to bag 50% more grass with less visible clippings.

Moreover, the blades are made in the USA. So you know they're good quality, and they will surely be a step up from whatever you're using now.

This mulching kit also includes a durable plastic cover that will keep the blades in optimal condition. Plus, you get installation hardware, including a wing nut and detailed installation instructions.

This mulching kit is designed to fit all 2015 Cub Cadet Tractors and Zero-Turn Mowers with 50" decks.

Highlighted Features

  • Fits ZT (XT1/XT2) and RZT (SX, Ultima, and LX Series) Cub Cadet mowers
  • Three Xtreme® mulching blades engineered for sandy conditions
  • Xtreme blade edge design offers more cutting surface
  • Includes molded plug and mounting hardware

Things to Consider Before Buying Cub Cadet Mulching Blade

The right blade can make all the difference in being able to mulch effectively with your lawnmower. If you've decided to buy Cub Cadet Mulching Blades, there are several things to consider before you make your purchase.


The blades are not universal fit, so it's important that you know about their compatibility. You can find this information in the user manual for your mower.

Essentially, you want to ensure the blade will fit your mower's configuration and engine.

Blade Material

The best mulching blades are typically made of carbon steel. They're inexpensive but heavy-duty enough to withstand the beating of the elements and any hidden obstacles (like rocks, toys, etc.).

Besides being wear-resistant, carbon steel blades also hold a finer edge for longer. So, you won't have to sharpen them quite as often as other blades.

Blade Design and Thickness

Some blades have a curved (3-in-1) design that helps eliminate clippings and prevent buildup. Others have a "higher-lift" style (2-in-1)that helps create a higher-lifting airflow.

In general, a cub cadet mulching blade with a curved design is preferable for mulching. It offers an extra cutting surface and increased deck circulation, both of which are required in the mulching process.

The "higher-lift" blade, on the other hand, offers better performance at discharging grass clippings.

Thickness plays an important role as well. A thicker blade will usually provide greater durability and strength but at the cost of maneuverability and speed. A thin blade may not be as strong or as durable. But it will allow your mower to cut faster and more easily through thick grasses like Bermuda or Fescue varieties.

Blade Length

One of the most important things to consider when choosing a mulching blade is its length. This will determine how much grass is cut at once, which affects both cutting quality and efficiency.

You want to ensure that the length of your new blade should match that of the existing one. Otherwise, you may end up cutting out more than half of what was already there!

Essentially, the blade length is determined by the deck size of your Cub Cadet. It is important to note that if your deck has 42 inches, then your blade should have 21 inches in length. Also, if your deck has a size of 48 inches, then your blade should have 24 inches in length.

Number of Pieces

You'll want to make sure you're buying the right number of blades. The number of blades your lawnmower uses varies greatly depending on the model of the mower. Some use one, some use two, and some even use three.

If you have a twin blade setup, for example, it's important to purchase a kit that includes two blades.

Mounting Hole Style

Before you buy a mulching blade for your Cub Cadet, it's important to know what type of mounting hole style you have. There are four types of mounting holes: universal, bow-tie, five-star, and six-star. And choosing the right style ensures that you get a great fit every time.

Universal (round) mounting holes are standard and will fit all Cub Cadet mowers. A bow-tie mounting hole looks just like it sounds: like a bow tie; five- and six-star blades are both star-shaped with five or six points, respectively.

The difference between them is in the way they fit onto your mower deck. So if you're not sure which type of mounting hole style you have, don't worry!

Just take a look under the deck of your mower and see if you can identify one of the following shapes. For instance, if you see a six-pointed star shape, then choose a 6-point star-shaped mulching blade for your machine.


When you're checking out mulching blade options for your Cub Cadet mower, it's important to go with a brand you trust. You want a brand that will be around for a while. Also, it should have a reputation for high quality and great customer service. The best way to get this kind of information is to look at the reviews.

Read customer reviews

Reviews are nice because they give you direct insight into how real people feel about a product. This means that they're not always 100% accurate, but they can be helpful in rounding out the complete picture of what you're getting when you buy the product.

When looking at reviews, try to look at the overall picture instead of just focusing on one or two comments.


If you like what you see in the reviews, consider looking into whether the company offers any guarantees or warranties on their items. This is especially useful if your mower is older and it's been hard to find parts/accessories for it.

If you find something that comes with some kind of guarantee or warranty, then it's less risky to buy. You can return it or get a replacement if something goes wrong with it down the road.

A Guide to Cub Cadet Blade Replacement

Cub Cadet Blade Replacement

If your lawn tractor has been losing power, it may be time to look at the replacement of your blade. This guide is designed to help you in the process of replacing your Cub Cadet lawn mower blades.

How to Change Cub Cadet Mower Blades

How to Change Cub Cadet Mower Blades

Step 1:

The first thing you'll want to do is be sure that the engine is off and the spark plug wire is disconnected.

You'll also want to wait for the mower deck to cool down before completing this process.

Step 2:

Use a ratchet set and socket wrench to remove the drive belt guard so you can access the drive belt.

Step 3:

Disconnect and remove the drive belt by removing it from the engine pulley and clutch pulley. Use a flat head screwdriver to do this if necessary.

Now that you've removed these parts, they'll be out of your way as you work on replacing the blades themselves.

Step 4:

Remove all of the nuts that hold the deck together. These should be located on top of each side of the deck. You may need to use either a ratchet set or a socket wrench.

After removing these nuts, you will have access to the bolts that hold your blades in place.

Step 5:

Remove the bolt with a ratchet set and then slide out each blade one at a time until they are removed completely from the machine.

Step 6:

Finally, install new blades by inserting them into their slots on either side of the deck plate. Tightening down with bolts as needed to the right torque (70-90 foot-pounds of torque for most Cub Cadet Mulch Blades).

Note: You may need some help aligning them properly. So have a leveling gauge handy.

Mulching blades vs High lift blades for Cub Cadet


If you have a Cub Cadet lawnmower, you're probably trying to decide whether mulching blades or high-lift blades are best for your mowing needs.

The truth is, you can use both types of blades on Cub Cadet lawn tractors. However, they are designed to produce different results.

Mulching Blades

Mulching blades or 3-in-1 blades are designed to cut grass into small pieces that can be left on the lawn. The grass then breaks down into organic material that provides nutrients to the soil.

These blades are relatively short and often have a curved, rounded shape to increase cutting surface and deck circulation.

Why a 3-in-1 design? It's because they can mulch, discharge, and bag grass clippings. They're pretty much "all-purpose" mower blades.

However, due to the re-circulating air design, they don't offer as much discharge performance as standard "high-lift" blades.

High-Lift Blades

High-lift blades or 2-in-1 blades, on the other hand, are designed for more versatility in terms of cutting height and ability to discharge clippings.

These blades are typically longer than mulching blades, with a flatter blade surface and less curvature. And as the name says, they lift the grass up from the ground prior to cutting, creating a cleaner cut at the base of the grass blade.

Why the 2-in-1 design? It's because they're not designed for mulching but for discharge and bagging.

Cub Cadet Blade Engage Lever: What to Do?


Of course, you want to know why your Cub Cadet blade engage lever doesn't work! Let's go over some basics for troubleshooting this problem.

  • Check the PTO (power take-off) clutch

The clutch connects the engine to the blades by engaging the drive belt. So, if the clutch is worn out, the blades won't engage. If that's the case, you'll have to replace it.

  • Check the PTO (power take-off) switch

The problem might be due to a faulty switch. So we recommend checking your PTO switch - the switch that turns on your mower's blades.

Check for continuity using a multimeter to determine if it's defective or not. If defective, replace it.


Don't worry; we've got all the answers to your questions in one place. So you can get back to your lawn (or do whatever else makes you happy).

1. Do I need to sharpen my new Cub Cadet blades?

New blades are designed to be sharp and ready to use. So when you buy a new set of blades, you're free to start mowing with them right away.

2. What is the difference between a regular blade and a mulching blade?

A regular blade is designed to cut grass as it comes out of the discharge chute but does not recut it into smaller pieces. A mulching blade cuts the grass into very small pieces and then recuts them over and over again until they are well hidden in the yard.

3. Do Gator blades do a better job than mulching blades?

Gator blades are also mulching blades. But they're a special kind that contains micro-grooves on the blade itself, which cut grass into smaller pieces than regular mulching blades do. Hence, they do a better job of mulching.

4. Can mulching blades side discharge?

Yes, mulching blades have a 3-in-1 multipurpose design. They can mulch, bag, and side discharge grass clippings. However, standard mulching blades tend to push down on the grass - though not by much.

5. At what frequency should I sharpen my mulching blades?

After every 20 to 25 hours of use, the reason for this is simple—mulching blades have to cut grass clippings three times as many times as a normal blade. Because of this, the blades dull quickly and need sharpening more frequently.


And that's it!

These are our top picks for the best mulching blades for Cub Cadet lawnmowers. While this list is by no means exhaustive, we hope you feel empowered to go out and choose the blade that's right for you.

All of these blades are made with Cub Cadet's special blade geometry. So, whether you have an old Cub Cadet or a new one, there's a blade for you. Also, it means that you'll get an excellent cut, no matter what type of mulching blade you choose!

If you found this list helpful, please leave a Like and a comment below to let us know!

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