best mulching blades for zero turn mowers

Best Mulching Blades for Zero Turn Mowers in 2022

Gone are the days when you would need to bag grass clippings and carry them away to keep the lawn clean. Now you can use mulching blades for zero turn mowers to turn the grass into small clippings and leave them on the lawn to be degraded.

But doing this will require the best mulching blades for zero turn mowers so that you can efficiently cut grass, leaves, roots, and stumps to make the lawn look better. We will review some amazing mulching blades for zero turn mowers to help you pick the right one.

Also, stick to the article to get an informative buying guide and the answers to many of your questions. Let’s get started.

Top 06 Best Mulching Blades for Zero Turn Mowers Review

To get the desired mulching performance, you need to rely on the right blade with extreme sharpness and durability. We have picked some of the top mulching blades from the market and reviewed them thoroughly. Let’s check them out.

1. MaxPower 3 Blade Commercial Mulching Set

This set of three mulching blades will work as a replacement for the OEM of different mowers like Husqvarna, Poulan, and Craftsman. These blades are for 54” mowers.

When we talk about mulching blades, the first things we visualize are those sharp teeth and excellent durability. This mulching blade has three teeth on both sides. So, the mulching performance will be superior to many other blades.

The length of these blades is 18.5 inches, and the width is 3 inches. There is a 5-point round star center hole in each blade to easily fit with your zero turn mowers. As a result, the blade will tightly fit the mower and give an excellent mulching experience.

As every blade has highly sharpened teeth, they will precisely cut anything you throw at them. With a lift design, these blades will ensure grass or herbs are perfectly distributed for even cutting. The teeth are slightly curved toward the bottom deck of the mower, so they will be very efficient in mulching.

With high-quality material and durable build, these blades are expected to surpass OEM parts in most cases. So, you can easily replace OEM parts with the best mulching blades for zero turn mowers.


  • Excellent build quality with greater durability
  • Easy to replace OEM parts with these high-performance blades
  • Blades fit different models of zero-turn mowers
  • Three blades in one set, so it is a futureproof purchase
  • Easy installation and maintenance


  • The set is a bit costlier than its competitors

2. Oregon Gator G3 Mulching Lawnmower Replacement Blades

These durable Gator blades are a bit shorter and less wide than the previous blade. So, it will be sharp enough to handle mulching tasks more smoothly and effortlessly. And a big thing, the set of three blades comes at a very affordable price.

The design of this blade is pretty similar to the MaxPower blade, where you get the same serrated blades at an alternate angle for excellent mulching performance. These blades are 2.5 inches wide and 18.44 inches long with a thickness of 0.187 inches. The same 5-point star center hole is present for easy attachment.

You can use this blade as a replacement for many 54” mowers such as Ariens, Craftsman, Dixon, Husqvarna, Murra, Poulan, Rotary, Stens, and many more. These blades are designed so well that they will fit the OEM parts smoothly.

With different levels of certifications, Oregon blades give you the ultimate performance and safety. These blades are also popular for their durability and streamlined performance throughout their service life. You get superior mulching experience from these blades on residential and commercial mowers.


  • Angled cutting teeth ensures the flow of clippings
  • Serrated blades are super sharp to complete their job in one go
  • Very durable blade with bending resistance
  • A great replacement part for residential and commercial mowers
  • Highly affordable blades


  • Blade weight is more than other blades in the same category

3. Rotary Cooperhead Toothed Mulching Mower Blades

Another set of mulching blades here, but they are a bit shorter than the models we have discovered before. Rotary blades are about 17.5 inches long. And they have a distinct difference from the previous blades. The center hole is rounded instead of being a five-point star.

And this model is a great replacement fit for only Toro mowers. If you look at the cutting teeth, they are more agile and bumpy than the previous blades. They are positioned at an alternate angle, and the tip of the teeth are slightly tilted to give a good mulching performance.

You don’t need to repeat the process in the same space to get everything mulched. The serrated blade will do the job very swiftly and precisely with its sharp cutting blades. The middle of the blade is lifted, which will help airflow to keep clippings in front of the blade.

So, these will be the best blades for zero turn mowers considering the performance and price. The only problem is you can’t use it universally. But that’s not a big issue when you have many other models to match your mowers.


  • High-teeth serrated blades for efficient cutting
  • Sharpened teeth for excellent mulching performance
  • A thicker blade ensures greater durability and abrasion resistance
  • Maximum output in the shortest possible time
  • High lift design to keep clippings in front of the blades


  • The value could be greater

4. Commercial Mulching 2-Blade Set By MaxPower

Remember the MaxPower blades we discussed earlier? These are almost similar to those blades in terms of design. But there are some dissimilarities too. If you look closely, these blades are longer and less wide than the previous blades. Though the center hole design is the same, the thickness of the blades is also lower.

As a result, these blades are excellent for commercial use. They will easily fit into different commercial mowers. The pointed tip of the teeth is designed to cut grass precisely without leaving anything behind.

The blades are longer, so they will cover more area in one go. And due to the sharpened teeth, you don’t need to repeat the place to get the ultimate mulching performance. These blades are made with high-quality material to be abrasion resistant in almost all conditions. So, you can use these blades for a long time.

With great durability and performance, these blades provide great value for money. The set of these two blades comes at an affordable price, so you can pick them in a bundle for commercial operations. Though there are no ridges on the blades, the cutting performance will be spot on.

Give it a try if you are tired of looking for the right mulching blade.


  • Highly sharpened teeth for smooth cutting
  • Long and narrow blade for less resistance
  • One-piece design to make the blade more durable
  • Abrasion and bending resistant blade
  • Matches different commercial mowers


  • No lift design

5. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade Set

Another 21-inch blade set on our list! This is from 8TEN to replace the OEM part from different manufacturers. You will notice the difference in the shape and orientation of the teeth at first sight. Where most other mulching blades have pointed tip teeth, this blade has flat tip teeth.

Those razor-sharp teeth are excellent for cutting grass or leaves. The teeth are bent towards the bottom of the deck so that nothing can escape those highly sharpened teeth. As they are positioned at an alternate angle, the cutting performance of these blades will be satisfactory.

The opposite side of the teeth is beveled beautifully to make the blade sharp and cut smoothly. You will love the uniform design of the blades. They come in a set of three so that you can easily replace the OEM part.

Its center hole design is rounded and measures 5/8 inches. The fitment of these blades is great on different zero-turn mowers like Husqvarna, Bobcat, Bunton, Encore, Ransomes, Scrag, Ferris etc.

You can rely on the best zero turn mower blades for superior cutting performance with the least hassle. Installing the blade is super easy. It would be great if the blades had a competitive price.


  • Uniform blade design for precise cutting
  • Highly sharpened blades with flat teeth
  • Easy replacement for residential and commercial mowers
  • Great cutting power with better endurance
  • Smooth cutting even without lift design


  • Price could be more affordable

6. Rotary PK3 Copperhead Blades

We finish this compilation of reviews with the Rotary PK3 mulching blades in a unique design for better performance. The teeth of these blades have a slightly angled and flat tip. As a result, the gaps between the teeth are very small. It will improve the cutting performance.

The blade has a one-piece construction with high-quality metal. A six-point center hold is carved in the middle to make it easier to attach the blade with different mowers. It fits many different 54” decks, so this is a great choice for versatile operations.

These blades are 18.5 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The thickness of the blade is a bit greater than other blades at 3 inches. But it won’t affect the cutting performance as the blades are beveled. You can rely on the performance of these blades as they have a lift design.

This will ensure enough air passes through the blades to keep the clippings in the desired position. The blade will work excellently in all conditions, giving you the desired mulching experience without any hassle. And they are highly abrasion-resistant to last for many more years to come.


  • Beveled center for greater air circulation
  • Flat tip blades are very sharp to cut through grass and leaves
  • Fits almost all 54” decks, so very easy to replace
  • Unique center hole design for easy installation
  • Thicker blades can withstand higher abuse


  • Blades get dull too quickly

What to Look for Before Buying Mulching Blades for Zero Turn Mowers?

zero turn mulching blades

As mulching is a different operation from bagging, and mulching blades come in different types, you need to choose the right blade for the job. Picking an effective blade or mulching set will make your job easier. Check the following.

Blade Type

Mulching blades come in two different types. The first one is a standard mulching blade which can be used with a variety of mowers. But the second type is called gator blades or 3-in-1 blades. These blades have serrated edges with angled teeth.

Though standard blades are also efficient in mulching, serrated blades will cut grass into smaller clippings. This improves the overall performance of the mowers in mulching and leaves less hassle for you.

Blade Size

This depends on the size of your mowers. Blades come in certain lengths and widths to fit different models. You will commonly see 18.5 and 21 inches long blades. Most blades are 2.5-3 inches wide and have a thickness of about 0.2 inches.

The thicker the blade, the better will be the durability. But it can reduce the sharpness of the blade. So, you should go for an optimum size that will give you maximum performance.

Teeth Type

Some serrated blades have pointed tip teeth, while others have flat tip teeth. Though pointed teeth blades seem to be more efficient, flat teeth blades will turn grass into much smaller clippings due to the reduced gaps between teeth.

Also, count the number of teeth on each side of the blade. The more the teeth, the finer the clippings will be.


Most mulching blades come as replacement parts to turn your regular lawn mowers into mulching mowers. As these blades need to replace the OEM part, they need to fit into the machine perfectly for smooth operation.

So, these blades contain an OEM number which you should check before buying. Check the owner’s manual of your mower to find the OEM number of the blade. Get a matching replacement blade for mulching so that it fits correctly.


Though gator blades are costlier than standard blades, they will perform a lot better. So, it will be better to invest in a set of gator mulching blades. If budget is an issue, you can choose an affordable set instead of those pricey blades. This can help keep your lawn in a better condition.

How to Change Blades on Zero Turn Mower?

how to change blades on zero turn mower

Changing the blade and replacing it with a new one is pretty easy. You just need to follow the simple steps below.

  • Turn off the mower and engage the parking brake.
  • Lift the deck using the control. Make sure it stays in the highest position.
  • Take a box wrench and a socket wrench. Hold the blade shaft with the box wrench and use the socket wrench to loosen the bolt.
  • Once everything is removed from the shaft, place the new blade in the same orientation. Ensure the blade is facing up towards the bottom of the deck.
  • Place those spring washers under the blade and insert the bolt. Hold the blade shaft with the box wrench like before and tighten the bolt. Make sure the bolt is tightened properly before turning the mower on.
  • Lower the deck of the mower, and you are ready to go.

How to Sharpen Blades on Zero Turn Mower without Removing?

how to sharpen blades on zero turn mower without removing

A new mulching blade might retain its sharpness for a long time. But at some point, you need to sharpen the blade to restore its sharpness. This seems to be a hectic process to remove the blade completely to sharpen it. But here is an easy method to sharpen blades on a zero-turn mower without removing them.

  • Turn the mower off and engage the parking brake.
  • You need to turn the mower on its sides. It is wise to use wooden blocks to support the mower. Otherwise, it might tip over and get damaged.
  • Once the blade is exposed, you should clean it using water or solvent. Clean any dirt deposit or rust from the blades.
  • Take an angle grinder and sharpen the blade. Keep patience and do one tooth at a time to properly sharpen the blade.
  • After grinding the blade, clean all debris from the blade. Make sure the blade is completely dry before turning the mower on.
  • Bring the mower to a straight position and remove all supports.
  • Turn on the mower and test the sharpness of the blades.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Check the following answers to the most commonly asked questions about mulching blades for zero turn mowers.

1. Can I use mulching blades and regular blades in the same mower?

Yes, mulching blades come as a replacement for stock blades. So, you can easily use a mulching blade set in your zero turn mower to mulch the lawn.

2. Which weather is suitable for mulching?

It is better to mulch your lawn on a clean, sunny day. It is comparatively easier to cut those grasses in dry weather as they can clump when wet.

3. Are copperhead blades sharper than regular blades?

Copperhead blades are known for their heavyweight performance. They are also sharper than regular blades. So, you can use these blades to cut stubborn roots or stumps.

4. How often should I use mulching blades for zero turn mowers?

It depends on your preference. But mulching will be easier if you do it often. When the grass grows 30% taller than your expectation, it can be the right time to mulch the lawn.

5. How often should zero turn mower blades be sharpened?

It will depend on the usage. If you use the blades frequently, they should be sharpened twice every week. But if they are used less, sharpening twice every month will also work.

Final Words

Mulching can highly impact the beauty of your lawn and the soil's nutrition. If you can do it right, mulching will help fertilize the ground and keep the environment from the adverse effects of plastic bags. You can easily replace regular blades with the best mulching blades for zero turn mowers.

We hope the reviews have given a detailed insight into these blades. And the buying guide will help you focus on crucial factors to choose the right mulching blade for your zero turn mowers.

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