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7 Best Tractor Paint Reviews and Buying Guide 2022

Tractors go through a lot of abuse because of their use and exposure to elements. Hence, it is normal for the paint on a tractor's body to slowly fade as time passes.

This is why choosing the best tractor paint when you get it repainted is crucial. If you make a wrong choice, it will not be long before the new paint gets faded, too.

But in a market filled with several thousand options, how do you choose? That is where we come in. In today's article, we will discuss 7 of the best options we have found after a lot of trial and error.

We will also be discussing a few other essential things related to tractor paint. So, if you are curious to know all about tractor paint, stay tuned.

Let's get to it, shall we?

Factors to Consider Before Go for the Right Paint for Tractor 

tractor paint reviews

Before you go ahead and make the purchase, a few factors should be kept in mind that will guide your choice of paint. In this section, we will highlight the things that you need to keep in mind when shopping for tractor paint –

Size of Tractor

The size of your tractor will determine how much paint you need to get. Planning this will ensure that you do not end up with too much paint, or worse, run out in the middle of the painting.

While you are at it, also consider how many coats of paint you want.

It is tough providing an exact figure; you can extrapolate. To paint a Farmall B tractor, you need around half a gallon of paint. And for a Farmall H, you need a minimum of a gallon.

Mode of Application – Brush vs. Spray

This is another thing that you should consider. Each of the two mentioned methods comes with a set of pros and cons. Spraying is faster and needs less amount of paint. But it is also quite messy and requires a protective coating.

In contrast, brush-on paint is less messy but requires more time. It also allows you to be very precise with painting. And, it provides excellent coverage; you will need only one coat of paint.

Tractor's Condition

If your tractor is beaten up, it may need more than just a paint job. You may have to do some prep work on it, too, particularly if it is rusty.

In that case, you should also get primers along with the paint itself. You should not just paint over rust without prep because it will not look very good.

If your tractor has a lot of rust, it will lead to peeling and blistering when you are painting. To fix that, make sure to remove as much of the loose rust as you can.

Use a wire brush to remove the larger flakes. Then, use a ball of steel wool to get rid of the remaining ones.

Aside from making the finishing smooth and nice, prep work will also lessen the amount of paint you will end up needing. So, please do not skip it!

Paint Color

Color largely depends on personal preference, but there are a few things you should know.

Depending on your tractor's age, finding an exact paint match of the original color that looks the same under all lighting conditions may be very tough.

Keep in mind that lighter shades of paint have excellent color retention, as they are less prone to UV damage.

They are also great for reducing heat. Darker shades are more likely to get UV damage, leading to fading and wearing down relatively quickly.

Your Goals for the Paint

There are a few other things you should consider, such as –

  • Do you want a fast paint job that looks fine from a distance, or do you want a highly precise finish?
  • How often will the tractor be used?
  • In what climate will be tractor be exposed?
  • Do you plan to keep the tractor for a long time?
  • Does the tractor have excessive or mild or no rust?
  • What is the maximum amount you are willing to spend?

Finding answers to these questions will help you choose a paint that fits your needs.

Top 7 Best Tractor Paint For Any Tractor

Now, we will talk about a few of our favorite tractor paints. Keep on reading to know what they're like!

1. Krylon 2020 High Gloss Black Architectural Paint

The name Krylon is quite familiar to anyone who works with colors – as the company has been an industry leader in product innovation, color, packaging, and project inspiration.

The main reason people repaint their tractors is to cover up rust and make them look new. This paint would aid you in that – as it has high corrosion resistance. So, new rust will not form once you paint the tractor with it.

The highly glossy finish of this black paint is something you will surely adore. Couple that with the quick-dry formula, and you have the best paint for tractors at hand! You can use this tractor paint on car too, to get this high shine finish.

Please beware of the other colors, though, as some people did not enjoy them.


  • Corrosion-resistant – no more rust
  • Fast drying time saves time
  • A highly glossy finish makes for an attractive look
  • Great formula that is easy to work with


  • Other shades may oxidize or need multiple coats

2. Rust-Oleum Farm Equipment Brush On John Deere Green Paint

Rust-Oleum is a name you will find reoccurring quite a few times throughout this article, and that is not because we are partial towards it.

It is a brand known for a wide range of paints – from cheap tractor paint to high-end, high-quality ones. This particular one is great if you have been looking for green tractor paint.

This paint is widely loved due to the quality it has. It will provide everything you want from a paint – excellent adhesion, heavy-duty performance, no brush streaks, highly glossy, and an excellent match for John Deere Green. What more could you ask for?


  • A perfect match for the original John Deere Green shade
  • Heavy-duty, durable paint that provides long-lasting protection
  • Rust-Oleum's signature 'Stop Rust' formula for protection against rust
  • Perfect for tractors, lawnmowers, farm implements, and other outdoor machinery


  • It needs a total of 24 hours to be dry

3. Gloss Black Rust Preventive Paint By POR-15

POR-15 is a US-based brand known for revolutionizing rust protection from various items, such as salt, water, chemicals, corrosive contaminants, and more.

If you want something that will provide the best protection to your tractor, this is the brand you should consider.

This particular paint will provide all of the protection we just talked about. Additionally, because this paint is so good at creating a seal, you do not even have to remove any existing rust beforehand. Just ensure no loose rust is present.

As tractors go under a tremendous amount of abuse in terms of weather elements and heavy use, this product's protection makes it the best paint for tractor implements.


  • It makes an impenetrable barrier – permanently sealing rust
  • Lead-free and safe to use
  • Creates an impenetrable layer that provides the ultimate protection
  • Can resist most alkalis as well as acids


  • It hardens very fast, so beware of the can during long painting sessions

4. Rust-Oleum Hammered Metal Finish Black Paint

We are back with another Rust-Oleum product. Much like the previous brand, Rust-Oleum's journey began to protect surfaces with paint and other coating items.

When you have a particularly beat-down tractor, sometimes scratches, rusts, or indentations show up easily, even after a new paint job.

That is why this particular finish – called hammered metal – is so good. It hides away the flaws well and makes the tractor look better than before. And it does all that without a primer.

This paint will ward off chips, abrasions, and fading extremely well to protect your already-beat tractor. It will also protect the tractor from exposure to the weather.

All in all, this is yet another excellent quality tractor paint Rustoleum makes.


  • The hammered metal finish conceals flaws and imperfections well
  • The oil-based formula provides excellent protection
  • Outstanding resistance against chipping, abrasions, and fading
  • It does not need any primer


  • No significant cons found

5. Majic Paints Town and Country Tractor, Truck and Implement Oil Base Gray Primer

Majic Paints is part of the Ohio-based company, Yenkin-Majestic Paint Corporation. They make a wide variety of specialty paints for farm, home, and industrial use.

For ease of use, this product comes in three variants – aerosol, which you can spray, and quart and gallon tins, which you can use with a brush or roll.

The tractor paint gallon gives excellent value for money, so I'd suggest getting that unless you want the spray version.

The caveat is that both variations – the grey and the red oxide – are meant to be used as primers. While you can use them alone, it is better to use paint of matching color over it to get the best finish.

So, we think after reading this majic tractor paint reviews it's more easy for you to make a perfect decision.  


  • Available in three variants – aerosol, quart, and gallon
  • Superb adhesion to the surface – no peeling or blistering
  • VOC compliant – safe to use
  • Resistant to corrosion and weathering


  • It would be better if you use this with another paint

6. Rust-Oleum Semi-Gloss Black Paint 

The next Rust-Oleum product we have to share uses acrylic enamels to protect any surface of your choosing –metal, masonry, wood, concrete, or something else. So you see, it is an all-around product with a wide application.

This paint brings back life to any worn-down, old surface. Anyone who tried to use it to restore life to metal has raved about it. It covers up rust particularly well.

If you are not a fan of the high gloss finish many paints in this article features, you can go for this one. It will provide a nice semi-glossy finish that looks great while not being over-the-top shiny.

The versatility makes this the best paint for farm equipment, no question.


  • A versatile product that is useable on many different surfaces
  • Provides excellent protection from rust
  • The semi-gloss finish offers a nice shine on the surface
  • Excellent coverage – makes anything look new


  • If you want to use it with an air gun, you'll require paint thinners

7. Heat Protective Bar-B-Que Black Enamel By Rust-Oleum

Last but certainly not least, we have this truck a implement oil base enamel paint from our trusty brand, Rust-Oleum. You should already know by now that this is a great quality paint. Keep reading to find out what makes it unique.

This particular paint has been made for metal items frequently exposed to heat, such as barbeque grills, stoves, and engines. That makes it perfect for tractors well, as farming fields can get pretty hot during summer.

Because this has been made with heat in mind, the rich black color has excellent color retention. It will not fade easily, which many darker paints tend to do. On top of that, I am a huge fan of the rich satin matte finish it gives.


  • Perfect for any metal surfaces, can withstand heat around 1000 degrees F
  • Exceptional color retention even after repeated heat exposure
  • The rich satin finish looks elegant – makes anything look much better than before
  • Useable on both interior and exterior of items


  • No significant cons found

Tips to Apply Paint on Your Tractor

tractor painting tips

Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use when applying paint to your tractor:

1. Mix Paint Additives If You Want to Use Air Gun

If you want to spray the paint with an air gun, mix paint additives with it to thin the paint out and get additional benefits, such as rapid drying, more durability, etc.

2. Sand the Entire Area You Want to Paint and Then Apply a Primer

This will ensure an even, smooth surface for the paint to go on and prevent any rust or moisture build-up.

3. Make Use of Masking Tapes for Covering Areas

Use masking tapes to cover up any area where you do not want paint. Also, use plastic covers for the tires and engine.

4. Get a Paint That Requires a Hardener for Activation

For an ultra glossy and durable paint job, try to use a paint that uses a hardener to activate. This will give you a glossy, durable end result.

5. Sand After You Prime a Surface

If you prime any areas, sand it before applying the paint to ensure that the paint sticks better to the tractor's body.

6. Paint Three Coats on the Tractor's Body

Gradually build up the thickness of the coats by making the first coat light, the second coat medium, and the final coat heavy. Allow each coat to dry for 1 to 2 hours before you apply another. It will give you the best results.

7. Do Not Go Overboard to Finish the Job Quicker

If the paint coat is too thick, it will get scratched easily.

8. Use a Roller to Paint as Much of the Body as You Can

Then, go in with a brush to precisely paint tricky areas where a roller cannot get into.

Top 3 Recommended Tractor Paint Brand

tractor paint brands

Let's get to know about the top brands on the market.


This is a reliable brand that has been in the painting scene since 1921. The creation of this brand was prompted by the discovery of oil that stops rust from forming.

So, you can guess how serious they are about stopping rust at any cost – which is a common problem most tractors face.

Rust-Oleum holds the top position in market share in the rust-preventive specialty, decorative, and professional categories.

This is a testament to their product quality. You can get primers, paints, rust reformers, topcoats from this brand, basically anything you would need related to automotive painting.

And because it has a reputation, you cannot go wrong with anything you choose from this brand.


This is a well-loved brand in the tractor community for repainting jobs – and there is a good reason why. This brand promotes itself as the leading maker of DIY automotive paints, coatings, and touch-up paints.

Since it prides itself as the manufacturer of DIY painting items, you can already guess that its products are very easy to use, even for beginners. So, if you decide to do the painting yourself, this will be a safe option for you.

The product range of this brand is impressively extensive – there isn't anything related to automotive painting that they do not carry. From acrylic enamels to adhesion primers to removable paint – Duplicolor has it all.

Majic Paints

Our third recommended brand is the Ohio-based company we talked about earlier in the reviews. This brand provides the best value for your bucks.

So, if you are tight on budget, you can browse their products. Don't worry; you will still get a good quality performance from their items.

In particular, the Tractor, Truck, and Implement line from them is great for painting tractors. These items are made with Soybeans that are 100 percent US-grown.

This high-quality raw material ensures better durability, adhesion, as well a non-yellowing ability. You can get it in a spray, quart, or gallon format.

Aside from these brands, you can also check out POR-15, Imron, and Valspar tractor paint.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How should I degrease my tractor before I paint?

Use hot or warm water with a pressure washer first. Then, go in with detergent to get the remaining grease off.

You can use stiff brushes or old clothes to rub the detergent in. There are many other ways to get grease off, so feel free to do anything else you'd prefer.

2. How much will it cost to get a tractor repainted professionally?

That depends on who do you get the service from. Generally, it should cost anywhere between 2000 USD to 3500 USD to get a professional tractor paint job.

Painting yourself may save the cost, but the cost may shoot up if you lack access to the equipment a professional painter would have. So, weigh this factor in when you are deciding if you would like to paint yourself.

3. Can I paint the entire tractor with a brush?

You sure can, but it will take a lot of time to get the job done with just brushes. Tractors fall on the bigger side of machinery, and perfecting the paint on such a large machine with a brush will undoubtedly take up a lot of time.

4. How do I prep my tractor before painting it?

Your painting will only look great if you prepare the tractor beforehand. Start by getting rid of rusty patches, dings, and any visible dents on the body. This may require replacing some areas by welding in metal sheets.

After the welding is done, sand all the surface area of the tractor that you want to be painted. Then, remove any emblems on decals that may get in the way of painting.

Finally, once all the rust is removed, prime and paint your tractor within three days.

Final Words

The paint market is enormous and choosing the perfect match for your tractor is not easy. This gets even tougher if you want an exact match of the previous color.

Nevertheless, you cannot go wrong with any of the paints featured in this article. If you would rather choose something else, check out the brands we have talked about.

Remember, getting the best tractor paint is not enough, as preparation, application, and post-application care all have an impact on how good the end result looks. So, aside from getting the perfect paint, do the paint job with care.

That's all from us today. Catch you next time!

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