How to Make a Whoopie Sling

How to Make a Whoopie Sling – Great Hammock Suspension

The phrase ‘whoopie sling’ sounds fascinating, while in reality, it holds a very simple meaning. Well, typically, a whoopie sling is a halyard or a rope that is strategically crafted with a loop. The specialty of this is its adjustability.

However, they are vastly used to hang things from natural anchors or the like. Also, it allows you to maintain a fine balance in the suspension of a harness effortlessly.

Wanna know how to make a whoopie sling?

I got your back. In today’s guide, I will show you the easiest and most effective way to tailor your own whoopie sling, which can also be used for hanging a hammock.

Sneak Peeks Before You Start Making Whoopie Sling


Before you start with the making, there are a few things that you want to know. To begin with, whoopie slings were first invented by the arborist.

But in the present era, people propagated the idea of using whoopie slings for hanging hammocks.

However, there are many effective substitutes to maintain the tension between a tree and the hammock, but nothing compares with a whoopie sling.

The various advantages, such as its lightness, compact design, foldability, and ease of use, make it outshine any present alternative.

Hence, when you yearn to go camping by the seashore, make sure to carry your whoopie sling and backpack hammock.

But do you have the right whoopie sling for your swinging couch? If you have any doubt or willing to purchase the best-suited one, then have a glance over these quick tips!

1. Check the Material

Make sure the whoopie sling you are buying is made with high-quality material as it plays a significant role in the entire operation. If you fail to ensure a competent material for your whoopie sling, then it might not last long or withstand the weight of all the released pressure.

I recommend you to use an Amsteen cord (12 strands braided) based one which possesses a moderate stretch capacity. Also, the rule of thumb is “ the less the elasticity, the more the durability.”

2. Review the Length

Always focus on the length of your whoopie sling. Speaking of that, it shouldn’t be more than 4-8 feet. As elasticity also relies on the length, it’s very crucial to consider the length before buying.

3. Consider the Load Capacity

Your whoopie sling should have the strength to withstand 500lbs.,especially if you are prone to use them for hanging sacks. Hence, ensure checking up on the resistance to prevent abrupt collapses.

4. Get a Dutch Biner


If you intend to hang hammocks, always consider using a Dutch biner. It allows you to attach the whoopie’s adjustable loop with the hammock’s tree straps.

5. Use Hooks and Verify Everything Before Buying

To avoid the hassle of making multiple knots use whoopie hooks.

Lastly, always give it a background check so that you don’t waste your money on junk.

How to Make a Whoopie Sling –Explained!

How to Make a Whoopie Sling

Well, to be honest, last summer, when I first witnessed a hammock whoopie sling, I thought it needs a craftsman’s hand to assemble.

I mean, at first glance, the whole structure looks very complicated. But the moment I saw the process of making a whoopie sling, everything became absolutely clear.

So, the point here is, you don’t have to stress out. This work can be done by anyone if the procedures are adequately adopted.

With that being said, let’s see how you are gonna make it done!

  • Step 1


First thing first, install your whoopie sling in the eye of your hammock.

  • Step 2

Search for a natural anchor. In this case, trees work the best. Hence, find a tree and fasten the larger loop along the tree.

  • Step 3

Once you are done, it’s time to adjust the length of your whoopie sling. Remember that the desired tension depends on the length adjustments. Hence, be more cautious when you are doing it.

However, to obtain proper adjustments, you can pull the tail of the whoopie sling and feed it through the bury section. This will allow you to loosen or tighten the grip.

If you push the ends together, it will loosen, where pulling the edges together will tighten.

Well, that was all about making a whoopie sling.

Nevertheless, when you are done with all the steps, make sure to give it a test run to prevent falling or sliding down.

If you are willing to hang a hammock, then the adjustment will be automatically balanced. Also, you don’t require to pull or push the ends together in order to tighten or loosen.


Honestly, whoopie slings are one of the most affordable essentials for frequent campers.

And the greatest perk of this widget is its portability and compact design. Moreover, the use and installation feel like an absolute breeze.

Make sure to read all the tips I have mentioned above to avoid any fumbles. Lastly, don’t forget to leave your valuable comment and questions regarding whoopie slings!

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