Best Premixed Fuel :Top 5 Models Revealed in 2022

Mixing oil and gas for small engines, specifically lawn equipment can be quite taxing. Different equipment requires a specific ratio, and it is quite troublesome to get the ratio right.

What if you could get a premixed fuel instead that would last you a long time? This way, you could also make the best use of your money by buying exactly the amount of fuel you would need.

That’s why we’re here to help you choose the best premixed fuel with our reviews of top picks. We went through the painstaking process of researching every product in detail so that you can get the very best out there.

So, without further ado, let us get right into it!

5 Best Premixed Fuel Reviews

Below are the reviews of some of the most highly rated premixed fuels that will help you find the best option for your equipment.

1. Husqvarna XP Pre-Mixed 2-Stroke Fuel

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Providing ultimate performance with cutting-edge solutions, Husqvarna is a trusted name when it comes to fuel and lawn maintenance equipment.

The ethanol-free and high-octane premixed gas and oil is guaranteed to solve your struggle with getting the appropriate ratio of oil and gas.

You can even have your engine fuel stay fresh for a longer time and promote a longer life for the engine over the long run with this premixed fuel.

A certified synthetic oil will help your engines create less smoke and prevent the carburetor from getting clogged up from the residues of impure and unfiltered oils.


  • The quart-sized cans make it convenient to store
  • Has a 50:1 ratio of synthetic fuel to oil
  • The stabilized premixed fuel will stay fresh years after opening
  • Husqvarna’s premium synthetic oil comes with a JASO FD certification


  • Can be quite costly compared to other premixed fuel available on the market

2. TruFuel 2-Cycle Pre-Blended Fuel for Outdoor Power Equipment

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Known for its extensive automobile and fuel expertise, the brand Arnold has been delivering high-quality products for over 50 years.

A portable, premixed, 2-cycle engine fuel wonder that will help you get ultimate performance from all your pieces of equipment. This is considered as the best premixed 2 cycle fuel on the market.

The ethanol-free, high octane mixed gas formula will help you keep the rubber hoses and plastic material in perfect condition over the years to come.


  • The manufacturing brand is renowned for its premixed 2 cycle fuel
  • Ethanol-free formula will protect rubber hoses and other equipment inside the engine
  • Comes with detailed instructions on how to use
  • This fuel stabilizing formula is also butane free and benzene free


  • Some customers complained about receiving 2/3 full cans due to leakage problems

3. VP Small Engine Fuels Ethanol-Free

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Manufactured from premium grade base stock, VP small engine fuel provide the ultimate fuel for machines that tend to run hot and require a lot of care. An environment-friendly option for fuel that might just be one of the cleanest mixes on the market.

Perfect for lawn tools, the formula works brilliantly on chainsaws, leaf blowers, and string trimmers of all sorts. You can use this formula by directly pouring it in instead of going through the hassle of mixing.  


  • Offers high performance even if the equipment has not been used in a year
  • Engineered for smaller engines in outdoor power equipment
  • Manufactured from premium base stocks
  • Ethanol-free fuel mix that gives you the perfect 50:1 oil and gas ratio every time


  • Some customers complained about receiving one or two cans despite ordering a case of eight

4. Arnold Corp 6525638 TruFuel 

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A premixed gas and oil combination that is guaranteed to clear up minor friction issues on your old equipment and provide you the ulterior performance.

The premium formula will not break down like common gas from stations due to having fewer impurities. And will also attract less moisture to components in engines so that you can avoid engine failures and reduce the chances of the engine malfunctioning.

An environment solution to all your engine problems. The premixed fuel will help your mix have a longer shelf life, so you will not have to throw out unused mixes.


  • Comparatively less expensive than other premixed 2 cycle fuels
  • Perfectly compatible with every 2 cycled engines, specifically garden tools
  • Offers extended shelf life of up to 2 years from the time of opening
  • You never have to worry about small engines malfunctioning from ethanol


  • Might be comparatively more expensive online, so you might need to purchase it directly from the dealer

5. Stihl 7010-871-0203 MotoMix Premixed Fuel

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Commonly referred to being a sports drink for small engines, this patented non-aromatic mix delivers the best performance and lubrication to your lawn equipment up and running.

The brand itself assures premium quality and will double the warranty when you purchase the premixed fuel alongside a power tool from the same brand.

Similar to the majority of the premixed fuels, this formula is also a high octane and ethanol-free formula.

Renowned for providing at least two years of shelf life, the premixed fuel is manufactured by a trusted manufacturer.

So, you can rely on this brand entirely when it comes to consistently delivering premium quality products for lawn maintenance equipment.


  • One of the highest quality clean motor fuels out there in the market
  • You will get a double warranty if you buy it alongside power tools
  • An environment-friendly biodegradable and non-aromatic mix
  • Comes with a long shelf life and is ethanol-free


  • You might find that the cheapest Motomix deal is only available at STIHL dealers

Comparison Table of Top 5 Premixed Fuel

Product Name

Ethanol Free

Product Dimension

Item Weight

Compatible with 2-Cycle Engine

Shelf Life

Husqvarna XP Pre-Mixed Fuel



10 Pounds


Up to 2 Years

TruFuel 2-Cycle Pre-Blended Fuel


10.5 x 7.25 x 10 inches

11.68 Pounds


Up to 2 Years

VP Small Engine Fuels


3.38 x 9.19 x 3.38 inches

1.88 Pounds


Up to 2 Years

Arnold Corp TruFuel


4 x 4 x 10 inches; 2.11 Pounds

2.11 Pounds


Up to 2 Years

Stihl MotoMix Premixed Fuel



2.12 Pounds


Up to 2 Years

Things to Consider Before Buying Premixed Fuel


Before you invest in premixed fuels, there are some factors to keep in mind that will help you choose the ideal premixed fuel for whether in terms of convenience or quality. Read on to find the deciding factors!

Compatibility with Equipment

The majority of 2-stroked engines are compatible with all premixed fuels available on the market. Premixed fuels work wonders for weed cutters, lawnmowers, leaf blowers, chain saws, and string trimmers.

You might need a ratio of 50:1 or 40:1 depending on what ratio of gas and oil is recommended for that particular engine. Usually, most engines come with instructions regarding which ratio of gas and oil will be the most beneficial for them.

However, you can rest assured about any premixed fuel that is offering you optimal performance and extending the life of your equipment over the years.


You can easily use unopened containers of these fuels for up to three years, and opened containers will last you up to two years. This is a significantly longer shelf life when you compare this with the shelf life of self-mixed oil and gas that will last a couple of months.

The fuels are also known to lengthen the life of the equipment you have been using the fuel on.

Optimal Performance

Premixed fuels are formulated with the most premium synthetic oils and an ethanol-free formula with fewer impurities. So, your equipment’s engine will not be slowed down from burning the fuel over the years.

The friction optimization and the lubrication of the ulterior variety will help you start up lawn equipment that has not been used once over the year. You will enjoy enhanced throttle response and superior overall performance of your equipment.


The ethanol-free clean energy will create less fog while burning as premixed fuels are bio-degradable and an environment-friendly option with lesser CO2 emission.  

Moreover, the high octane and ethanol-free property will help you in having less buildup in your engine over time.

Usually, the high amount of ethanol in common gas station oils and gas leads to separating from each other and breaking down the pump gas in the process.

Premium Quality

The ashless oil mostly used in blending premixed fuels helps in preventing spark plugs and carburetors from getting clogged from the residue. Using a premixed fuel gives your equipment a clinically measured, manufacturer-approved ratio of ingredients consistently.

Over time this will become the contributing factor to keeping your lawn maintenance tools in perfect shape.


Last but definitely not least, using a premixed fuel will help you save a lot of time. When you are mixing gases and oils by yourself, you need to go to the nearest gas station and buy large cans of both oils and gases.

Then you need to use proper measuring tools to measure the proportion and balance the ratio of gas and oil.

After that, you would need another empty container to pour and mix both the ingredients. And then you would be able to use the product finally.

Even then, there is always a chance that getting the wrong ratio would cause the engine to malfunction or perhaps get damaged over time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the advantage of buying a premixed fuel when you can buy both gas and oil separately from local stations and mix them by yourself for cheap?

When you purchase a premixed fuel, you can rest assured that the ratio for both gas and oil is perfectly balanced. And over time, using a constant ratio of premixed fuel contributes to the longevity of equipment. The premixed mixes help you save both money and energy.

2. What is the average shelf life of premixed fuels?

The majority of the premixed fuels have a shelf life of two years from the day of opening the seal. These small cans also come in handy as you can keep some of them intact while you use the other ones for your equipment.

3. Do premixed fuels have fewer impurities than gas from local stations?

Yes, premixed fuels are more purified and contain synthetic oil of the highest grade, making the formula great.

4. Are premixed fuels environment-friendly?

Yes, the majority of the premixed fuels are environment friendly as they have an ethanol-free formula, ashless oils, and ingredients that create less carbon dioxide.

5. Does premixed fuel boost equipment performance drastically?

Yes, premixed fuels can significantly boost performances of any 2-cycle engine or small engine as it works as a friction modifier for those engines. The usage of a clinically measured formula also helps your engine deliver better performance.

Final Words

Many factors, including shipment and availability, will factor into which one is the best premixed fuel for your individual needs. You might find some fuels work best when combined with the equipment with the same brand of manufacturer.

However, every fuel mix on this list is some of the best products currently on the market due to their individual features. And now that you know the essentials of premixed fuels, you can finally save some of your time as you do not have to spend them mixing oils and gas anymore!

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