Best Sprayer for Fruit Trees: Top 7 Picks With Buying Guide 2022

Once we stepped in to find out the best sprayer for fruit trees, the first thing that hit us was – damn! The world is full of low-end sprayers. But do you know the saddest part? A bunch of people get those just to save a few bucks or without even knowing that they’re good for nothing.

And what comes in return? Low rate of killing pests, inefficient prevention of weeds, lackings in feeding the trees – there’s more, and we can keep going.

On the contrary, the right kind of sprayer misses nothing like efficient nozzles, decent capacity, durable construction, and everything that can make them an all-in-all spraying tech.

That’s the segment we’ve researched for hours, and guess what? We ended up with the 7 finest sprayers in the market. You want to get the perfect sprayer for fruit trees? Read the reviews.

Top 7 Best Sprayer for Fruit Trees

Tracking down the finest 7 wasn’t an easy job to crack at all. Yet we’ve finally managed to bring them in just for you. Can’t wait to get started checking them out? Well, you won’t have to anymore.

1. D.B. Smith Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer

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How is it going to make you feel when you’ll see the fruits in your garden covered with pests? We bet your answer is ‘worse.’ But you can simply stop that from happening with the Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer from D.B. Smith.

This one can push the pressure to a level of 150 PSI with the help of its internal piston pump, which is 65% higher compared to random diaphragm-pump backpacks. That’s exactly what you would’ve asked from the best tree sprayer, right?

Plus, the pump handle can be installed on any side between right and left. By the way, the pump is designed in a way that no chemical can simply slip out or leak.

It’s got a spray wand backed by Viton seals and comes in size 21″ along with four different nozzles for different spray patterns. Besides, its construction is quite durable as well.

The tank size it comes with is 4 gallons, which we believe is pretty much enough for covering bigger areas. On top of that, the tank construction was made to deliver heavy-duty performance. 

As a bonus, a filtration basket on the tank opening is there to catch large debris and strong shoulder straps to carry it around.


  • Allows you to take enough liquid with the decent tank capacity
  • A long wand with four nozzles can offer a variety of spray pattern
  • Filtration basket prevents any large debris from passing in
  • Strong shoulder straps take carrying it around to a convenient level
  • No-leak design makes it impossible for chemicals to leak


  • Rubber grip doesn’t stay on the handle all the time


D.B. Smith Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer is a perfect example of an efficient sprayer that knows how to get the job done without compromising the performance level. That’s what makes it a worthy investment.

2. PetraTools Backpack Sprayer

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What can be more hectic than pumping the fruit tree sprayer again and again just to make the liquid reach the nozzle? Thankfully, the Backpack Sprayer from PetraTools can get you rid of that hassle once and for all.

Charging it once is enough to have continuous spraying for 6-8 long hours. If you convert this timing into gallons, that’ll be 200 gallons in a row which would’ve been impossible without its 8AH lead-acid battery. After all, it’s 4X stronger than regular 2.0-lithium battery sprayers.

In the question of pressure, it comes with an impressive number which is 70 PSI. And yes, it can be adjusted with its pressure knob. On top of that, the easy-drain tank design allows dropping unused liquids once you’re done spraying.

With six different nozzles, having the desired spray pattern is a piece of cake here. The wide mouth makes pouring any amount of liquid in there easier. On the other hand, the translucent tank makes it visible as day and you’ll be able to know how much capacity is left to be filled.


  • 8AH battery delivers a huge spray time of 6-8 hours in a single charge
  • Easy to change pressure level from 40 to 70 PSI with a pressure knob
  • The translucent tank gives clear visibility to the remaining liquids
  • Wide tank mouth makes pouring liquids within easy and spill-free
  • Easy-drain tank design doesn’t let idle liquids stay there for long


  • The sprayer itself is a bit heavy to carry


PetraTools Backpack Sprayer is an advanced tech that comes with the ability to put full-stop on your pumping days unless you’re not ready to excuse its heavyweight.

3. Scotts 190567 Zero Technology Sprayer

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Sometimes small things, too, can cause a bigger blast. It seems team Scotts has tried something like that with their 190567 Zero Technology Sprayer.

This 2-gallon fruit tree sprayer might look like a plain and simple spraying tech, but its powerful battery is capable of emptying 24 gallons in every charge. To offer better ease of handling and carrying around, it’s got a perfectly comfortable grip.

But that’s not all! The grip comes with a premium shut-off mechanism along with a lock-on feature. So, controlling it gets a lot easier with that.

Its durable 21″ poly wand with a reinforced hose is not only non-corrosive but also features the 3-in-1 nozzle that eliminates the need to maintain multiple nozzles at a time. Plus, once you’re done, you can release the internal pressure with the pressure-release valve.


  • Powerful battery can spray 24 gallons of chemical with a single charge
  • 3-in-1 nozzle eliminates the need for extra nozzles
  • Pressure-release valve gets rid of the internal pressure instantly
  • The poly wand is non-corrosive by nature and made to last longer


  • Low tank capacity makes it refill again and again


In case you don’t find frequent refilling irritating, Scotts 190567 Zero Technology Sprayer can be an option worth the shot.

4. Chapin 61900 Tree/Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer

In the world of the automated fruit tree sprayers, the manual ones haven’t lost their appeal yet. One of those impressive sprayers is the 61900 Tree/Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer from Chapin.

The translucent tank with a 4-Gallon capacity represents sufficiency for bigger gardens. But its 4″ mouth opening, too, contributes to the ease of mixing the chemicals in a far better way. Plus, it’s super easy to clean as well.

Its comfortable and padded harness keeps the tank tagged to the back without making it painful, just like the best backpack sprayer. Besides, how much pressure you’re having with its durable stainless steel wand can be detected through the pressure gauge. 

There’s a filter basket to keep the dirt and debris away from the liquid within. On the other hand, the CF valve makes sure that you’re not facing any inconsistency in the spray flow.


  • 4-Gallon capacity is capable of covering bigger gardens with ease
  • Pressure gauge gives a clear reading on the current pressure level
  • 4″ mouth opening keeps chemical mixing process more convenient
  • CF valve eliminates the chances of having inconsistency in the spray flow


  • Going below 20 PSI pressure shuts the sprayer off


Having efficient spraying in all the way comes down to an easier phase with the Chapin 61900 Tree/Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer. But make sure that you’re not planning to run low on the pressure.

5. Smith R200 Compression Sprayer

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Getting tired of excessively pumping your manual sprayer for the fruit trees? In that case, you better be ready to say goodbye to that if you’re planning to grab the R200 Compression Sprayer from Smith.

Its super-efficient pump is basically responsible for that attribute. Guess the number on that? Well, it’s 25% less than all those major brands you see in the market.

On top of that, the high-grade components of this 2-gallon sprayer are not only good at handling rigorous usage but also all those harsh chemicals you’ve been planning to apply lately. And yes, its 21″ wand is of the same nature as well, which is made of durable stainless steel.

But what else we loved the most is its easy-to-access filter. Now, rather than worrying about clogging due to debris, you can freely keep spraying without thinking twice about cleaning up any major mess.

Once you’re done with the spraying, use the pressure release valve to kick all the pressure out of the tank. And in case you get any pump seal broken, you can instantly fix that up, too, if you’ve got a few minutes in your hand.


  • High-quality components withstand rough usage along with harsh chemicals
  • Convenient fixation process makes the pump seal changing a matter of minutes
  • In-line filter takes out the need of massive cleaning and chance of clogging
  • Efficient pump minimizes the pumping to 25% compared to regular sprayers
  • Strongly built wand is capable of sustaining any major chemical reaction


  • Having no handle makes it uncomfortable to carry


Putting the common irritation of excessive pumping aside gets easier when you’ve got something like the Smith R200 Compression Sprayer on your hand.

6. Hudson 13194 Bak-Pak Sprayer

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How would you feel about having a sprayer for a fruit tree that won’t remind you to change the sprayer itself on the basis of the chemicals you’re using? Well, if your answer is ‘great,’ then get ready to check out the 13194 Bak-Pak Sprayer from Hudson.

Unlike common fruit tree sprayer equipment, its amazing versatility doesn’t only make it good enough for spraying on trees. You can give it a shot with sealers, cleaners, and mildew remover too.

Comfort is not the only thing its shut-off valve has to offer. It’s got the lock-on feature as well that helps with the uninterrupted spraying. The huge fill opening it comes with keeps pouring spill-free, where the sturdy 4-gallon tank holds the harsh chemical without receiving any gradual damage over time.

Its 20″ spray wand is long enough to reach tough spots. But what is more of a useful feature here is having four different nozzles. Now, getting spray patterns like cone, dual cone, stream, or fan will be a piece of cake.

On top of that, the pumping action can be placed on both right and left sides, depending on your preference.


  • Lock-on feature makes having break-free spraying easier than ever
  • Greater versatility helps spraying sealers and cleaners along with tree chemicals
  • Strong and large tank resists corrosion from harsh chemicals effortlessly
  • Pumping action can be placed on any side from both right and left
  • Extra-long wand takes down the hassle in reaching tough spots


  • The shoulder strap quality is not entirely worth appreciating


When you’re asking for the classical spraying experience in a better way, Hudson 13194 Bak-Pak Sprayer can surely be of help there.

7. NorthStar ATV Spot Sprayer

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Have you got acres of area to cover and need something powerful enough to handle that humongous spraying operation? We say go for ATV Spot Sprayer for NorthStar first before trying any other option.

This fruit tree sprayer is all about big numbers. The durable UV-stabilized material made tank with 16-gallon capacity can simply cover huge areas within a short time. But for that, you’ll need a good pressure level which this one has kept at 200 PSI with a flow rate of 2.0 GPM.

None of this would’ve been possible without its NSQ-Series plunger pump, which has not only eased up priming but also brought in exceptional durability. Plus, no matter how harsh the chemical is, its superb resistance just doesn’t care.

Clearly, you can’t carry it everywhere that easily. So, where the tank can’t reach, its heavy-duty 35ft. hose surely can. And don’t worry about the spray modes as it has three of them – atomized mist, stream, and cone.


  • Huge tank capacity comes with the ability to cover bigger areas
  • Impressive pressure level and flow rate pushes the spraying performance higher
  • Perfect resistance level makes the tank tolerate any harsh chemical
  • The wand reaches distant and unreachable spots with the extra-long hose


  • Hard to carry around without an ATV or compatible vehicle


If you’re badly in need of a sprayer with Herculic performance, then picking up NorthStar ATV Spot Sprayer is not going to be a mistake. Just don’t forget to keep your ATV ready for it.

Comparison Table

Before you jump into the bigger picture, we think this comparison table can give you a hint on what’s coming ahead.


Capacity (Gallon)

Wand Size

Number of Nozzles


Spray System

D.B. Smith Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer






PetraTools Backpack Sprayer





Battery Powered

Scotts 190567 Zero Technology Sprayer



1 (3-in-1)


Battery Powered

Chapin 61900 Tree/Turf Pro Backpack Sprayer






Smith R200 Compression Sprayer






Hudson 13194 Bak-Pak Sprayer






NorthStar ATV Spot Sprayer


1 (3-in-1)


Battery Powered

Buying Guide for Best Sprayer for Fruit Trees

We don’t want you to get your hands on the wrong sprayer for fruit trees. But, you can get the wrong product if you don’t know what features you’re looking for. That’s why, we thought maybe we should point out the major parts you need to look for before making a purchase.

  • Tank Capacity

Depending on the area you’re planning to cover, choose the right tank capacity. Both big and smaller tank sprayers have their own pros and cons.

If you choose the bigger one compared to the area, you’ll end up carrying extra weight, which might cause you pain later on. On the other hand, a too-small tank will make you refill it again and again in a single spray operation. So, you better choose one according to your need, not more and not less.

  • Wand

When you start spraying, it won’t always be easy to reach every corner. That’s why a longer wand is needed for spraying in hard-to-reach areas. It’s better to go with a wand with a size of 20″ at least. 

Put some focus on the wand material as well. After all, it’s going to spray chemicals. With a low-grade material or construction, there’s a high chance of corrosion after a certain period of time.

  • Manual or Battery Powered

Pick the right type for yourself and prioritize your preference on that part. The battery-powered ones are comparatively convenient, but you’ll have to spend money on the battery once the battery is dead.

That’s kind of an extra cost there. Plus, compared to the manual one, they’re a bit hard to maintain.

On the other hand, the manual ones are cheaper and easy to use but require more physical effort. Plus, the operation is a bit time-consuming too.

  • Spray Nozzle

Most of the professional tree sprayers come with one or multiple nozzles. Check out what kind of nozzle or spray pattern the sprayer is offering. The more variety you’ll get, the better it’ll be for you.

  • Pump

You’ll be seeing sprayers with two kinds of pumps the most. One of them is piston pumps, and the other one is the diaphragm pumps. Try to go with the diaphragm pumps as these are more reliable and versatile.

Types of Sprayers and Pumps

The types of sprayers can be determined based on two aspects – mobility and mode of operation.

Types on the Basis of Mobility

  • Handheld

This kind of sprayer usually comes with lower capacity and is comparatively easy to carry around. Their minimalistic design promotes portability more than ever.

  • Backpack

These sprayers have attached shoulder harnesses and are possible to carry anywhere more easily. They’re high on the capacity part compared to the handheld ones.

  • Wheeled

This type of sprayer is made to carry more spraying chemicals than the above-mentioned types. They’re big in size and have attached wheels to be more portable.

Types on the Basis of Mode of Operation

  • Manual

The manual sprayers are the traditional kind and work in a more basic way. You need to pump the sprayer to make the liquid reach the nozzle through the hose and spray.

  • Battery-Powered

This one is the more advanced and powerful segment of sprayers. Better pressure level, versatility, and strength are the common features of this type. This sprayer is comparatively more expensive than the other segment.

Types of Pumps

Any regular or high pressure tree sprayer is dependent on its pump type for reaching a better level of performance. When it comes to fruit tree sprayers, we see two types of pumps the most.

  • Diaphragm Pump

This type of pump is mostly known as an ideal choice for being used in spraying corrosive or abrasive solutions. It’s good at delivering better PSI levels too.

  • Piston Pump

The piston pump comes with a kind of mechanism where it pushes the liquid to the hose and makes it come out through the nozzle. Major brands around use this in their spraying tech for securing efficient performance.

How Do You Spray Large Fruit Trees?

The bigger a tree gets, the harder it becomes to spray it. But skipping the process is not an option here as, this way, you’ll do nothing but invite pests and diseases.

Now the question is, how will you spray the larger fruit trees? Well, there’s a way to pull that off, and that is–

Step – 1: Choosing the Appropriate Spot

Find a higher ground closest to the tree. Make sure that the ground is close enough where you can see the top of the tree. In case there’s no higher ground close by, use a high stepladder for catching the height.

Step – 2: Setting the Sprayer

Put the required chemicals in the sprayer and attach a nozzle that has a wider spray pattern. Keep the pressure level at medium.

Step – 3: Spray with Caution

Climb the higher ground and start tree spraying. If you’re using the stepladder, be careful about the balance as being careless there might get you injured.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • Why is using high pressure on delicate plants a bad idea?

In the case of delicate plants like flowers, using high pressure can get them damaged.

So, it’s better to use mist style on them. On the contrary, for weeds, you better not think about anything but a high-pressure style.

  • Why is it important to clean the sprayer tank every time after using it?

Leaving the residue of previous chemicals might create a harmful mixture if a new chemical is added to it. That’s why it’s better to clean or wash the sprayer tank every time after using it.

  • Why is it suggested to use long sleeves while using a sprayer?

Actually, this suggestion is not about using a sprayer but about using harsh chemicals with a sprayer.

As not all chemicals are harmless for human skin, you better use long sleeves and full pants to keep your skin protected from any kind of negative effect.

  • Which one is better between a wheeled and backpack sprayer?

It depends on the size of the area you want to cover. If the area is too big, then we’d say go for the wheeled one as they come with greater capacity. But for a comparatively smaller area, a backpack sprayer will be a wiser choice.

Final Words

After going through the top seven sprayers, it’s hard to swallow that you haven’t figured out your best fruit tree sprayer. However, if you’re still hanging on the pendulum of dilemmas, we might be able to help you a bit with some honest suggestions.

If you’re asking for the longest spray time in a single charge, don’t think too much before getting the Scotts 190567 Zero Technology Sprayer. But if you’re thinking about having a sprayer that can withstand harshest chemicals, we’d say Smith R200 Compression Sprayer will be a better option.

And in case you want it compact but versatile, then the Hudson 13194 Bak-Pak Sprayer is perfect for the shot. Now, you decide which one you think is worth taking and which one worth leaving.

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