Best Weed Killer for Centipede Grass

Best Weed Killer for Centipede Grass: Top 8 in 2022

We’ve been dealing with weed killers for a couple of days. During our tests, we had to see if the weedkillers are great for centipede grass. Now, we had lots of options in our hands, and surprisingly only 8 of them hit the mark.

Their functionality also changed based on their types. Some of them were safe to pets and children, while others were not.

Despite some problems, they helped in pesticide spray penetration, had multi-functionality, and the growth acceleration of the grass was great.

Now, it was tough to get which is the best weed killer for centipede grass since almost every weed killer was good. However, we did try to give you a hint.

Read the reviews, and you’ll know better.

8 Best Weed Killer for Centipede Grass

weed killer for centipede lawn

It's time to get into the actual business. We've found the top 8 weed killer for centipede lawn that we think you'd find helpful for your lawn. Want to have a peek? Then let's get started.

1. Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides

We call weeds the headache of a lawn, which ultimately makes it yours. So, it would be best if you had the right med to eliminate it from the route, and the first name that came to our mind for that is the Surfactant for Herbicides from Southern Ag.

The perfect chemical combination has made this weed killer simply perfect for stopping weeds. And yes, just like the best herbicide for centipede grass, it's also helpful in eliminating insects and fungus.

If you're thinking of a Non-Ionic surfactant, it only boosts up the coverage; then you're mistaken. It increases the penetration of your pesticide sprays at the same time. Plus, due to its lower price, you won't have to expect too much pressure on your wallet.

You don't even need to use too much of it to get started after mowing. If it's for Herbicides, use one teaspoonful/gallon, and it's the same for roundup usage too.

But when it comes to MSMA herbicides usage, you'll have to maintain a ratio of one tablespoonful/gallon.

Still, if you've got any confusion about the usage ratios, the makers have kept them all written on its 16oz/1 Pint gallon label. Just have a peek at it.


  • Chemical combination helps in taking down the weed, insects, and fungus
  • Increases pesticide spray penetration as a non-ionic surfactant
  • It comes with a detailed label that keeps the usage instruction clear as a day
  • The lower price keeps on the list of affordable weed killers
  • Versatile enough to be used for Herbicides and Roundup 


  • It can be harmful to eyes and skins without proper safety

We don't know if you're looking for better coverage or penetration, but we can say Southern Ag Surfactant for Herbicides can get you both.

2. Greenview Broadleaf Weed Control for Centipede Grass

Do you, too, love hitting two birds with one stone? Then get ready to fall in love with the Broadleaf Weed Control from Greenview.

The reason for our previous statement is along with keeping the weeds out of the picture; it also feeds your lawn easily up to 8 long weeks. Thanks to its 27-0-4 NPK Formulation for pulling that off.

You probably have already noticed from the formulation that there are no phosphates in it. So, clearly, you can count your waterways protected from now on.

But how good is it with weed killing on a centipedegrass lawn? Well, there are 250+ of them that this weed control can handle, including Dandelion, Clover, Henbit, and other common lawn weeds.

And yes, along with being the best pre emergent for centipede grass, it’ll accelerate the green-up, but without burning your lawn, of course. Thanks to its growth acceleration ability for pulling that off.

On top of that, its water retention ability makes sure the lawn is not having a tough time against the drought and heat. Plus, this 39lb package can easily cover a humongous area of 15000 sq. ft. And yes, it’s compatible with both cool and warm-season grasses too.


  • Perfect NPK Formulation feeds your lawn for eight weeks
  • No phosphates in the formulation help in protecting waterways
  • It comes with a huge list of weeds to kill that includes Dandelion and Clover
  • Sufficient quantity doesn’t struggle in covering huge areas
  • Growth acceleration ability makes the growth better and faster


  • Using on dichondra or carpet grass can cause lawn injury

Investing in different weed killers for different seasons is undoubtedly an expensive investment unless you’ve got Greenview Broadleaf Weed Control on your hand.

3. Roundup Southern Lawns Weed Killer

Which fear comes for free when you think about killing the weeds on your lawn? The fear of destroying the lawn itself, right? Well, the Southern Lawns Weed Killer from Roundup is a name that we believe can get you rid of that fear at once.

This ready-to-go weed killer doesn’t need any extra hassles like mixing or measurement. By the way, it strengthens your defense against weeds on centipede grass, but without killing your lawn.

Don’t think just because it’s coming in a 1-gallon container with 3.78L liquid; it can’t cover your decent-sized lawn. Once you bring one of them in, creating an area with a size of 1,000 sq. ft. will be done before you know it.

But the best part is, this one easily can kill 93 types of weeds, including clover, yellow nutsedge, dollar weed, and dandelion. And guess what? It’s rain-resistant too. Just give it 4 hours after application.


  • Ready-to-go nature allows using it without any mixing.
  • 3.78L weed killer is capable of treating an area with a size of 1,000 sq. ft.
  • Huge weed killing list includes major weed types
  • The rainproof feature makes it ready to withstand rain within 4 hours of applying


  • Incompatible for using over crabgrass

Roundup Southern Lawns Weed Killer is mainly for those who don’t count themselves as a time-waster. If you’re one of them, too, don’t forget to give it a shot.

4. Scotts Liquid Turf Builder

How would you feel about having something that you won’t even have to get out of the bottle to use? If your answer is fantastic, then get ready to pick up the Liquid Turf Builder from Scotts.

Like we said before, you won’t have to pour it in a different sprayer as the bottle itself is a sprayer. Plus, with just 32 fl. oz. Weed Control Fertilizer within; it can cover an area of 6000 sq. ft.

By the way, with the name, you’ve probably guessed how this multifunctional fertilizer works as both weed and feed for centipede grass.

Plus, using it is also a piece of cake as you need to take just three simple steps to get the whole application thing done – connect, spray, and finish.

Along with the regular weeds, it can keep your lawn safe from ground ivy, henbit, buckhorn, chickweed, oxalis, pigweed, knotweed, lambs’ quarters, plantain, poison, etc.


  • The sprayer head design eliminates the need foran extra sprayer
  • Multi-functionality makes it perfect for both weed and feed
  • Wider weed compatibility covers major harmful weed types
  • The three-step usage process makes it more user friendly for you


  • Requires keeping away from the children as it’s not child-safe

We guess you’re asking for a solution to eliminate weeds and feed the grass at the same time. Well, you better consider Scotts Liquid Turf Builder for that job then.

5. Bonide BND7458

The next one on our list is not just too good for centipede grass but also for Ground-covers, Vegetable Gardens, Shrubs, Flower Beds, and Trees. After all, it’s the BND7458 Grass Beater Concentrate from Bonide.

Like some of the finest post-emergent herbicides, it can take care of both perennial types of grass and annual weeds. You don’t even need to go the extra mile for using it, as just mixing it up with water will be just enough.

Plus, it doesn’t hurt the desirable plants as well. Thanks to its systematic selective killing pattern. Besides, with its effective formula, you don’t need more than 0.55 to 1.38 oz. in a gallon of water to touch up everything in a 1,000 sq. ft. area.


  • The wide usage range includesground covers, shrubs, flower beds, trees, etc.
  • Eliminates perennial grasses and annual weeds as a post-emergent herbicide
  • Easy usages process asks for mixing water only
  • Desirable trees safe due to selective killing pattern
  • Bigger areas can be easily covered with minimum concentrate


  • Not effective enough as a pre-emergent herbicide

When you want to keep both perennial types of grass and annual weed out of the picture, getting Bonide BND7458 will be no mistake for sure.

6. Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed 3

You remember team Scotts, right? Well, they’re back again, and this time with their weed and feed that they call their most powerful one. It’s the Turf Builder Weed and Feed 3 that we’ve got on our sixth slot.

With its WeedGrip Technology, the weeds have no chance to grow on your lawn anymore. Now whether it’s dandelions or clover, this weed killer can push them far away from your beautiful grasses within a short period of time.

The double-duty nature of this 14.29lb fertilizer not only will eliminate the weeds but will make sure the grass is walking towards a healthier growth level. And coverage? That’s 5000 sq. ft.!

On top of that, its deep-reach action takes the fertilizer deeper into the roots to make the grass stronger than ever. Moreover, due to its pet-safe nature, you won’t have to keep your pets away from the lawn as well; but only when you’re following guidelines.


  • WeedGrip Technology makes sure the weeds get no scope to grow
  • Double-duty nature ensures the better growth of green grass in your lawn
  • Deep-reach action pushes the fertilizer deeper to make the roots stronger
  • Harmless for pets due to being Pet-safe


  • It can’t handle the crabgrass

When you want nothing but your grass’s growth and safety, we say you can rely on Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed 3 with your eyes closed.

7. VPG Hi-Yield Atrazine Weed Killer

Are you getting tired of the intrusion of the weed seeds in your lawn? Well, then it’s time to say goodbye to them with the Hi-Yield Atrazine Weed Killer from VPG (Voluntary Purchasing Group).

So, what have you covered your lawn with – St. Augustine or Centipede grass? Well, no matter what it is, this Weed Killer is capable of keeping the weeds away from it all the way with its dual compatibility.

We don’t know which one you fear the most. But if it’s anything like Chickweed, Clover, Henbit, Dollarweed, or Sandspur, you better relax as they can’t harm your lawn even a bit when you’ve got this weed killer. Thanks to Atrazine for being there as its active ingredient.

Plus, with the minimum amount of this weed killer, it’s easy as pie to cover larger areas. And don’t worry about the usage process. It won’t take more than a few minutes for you to get it prepared for the final application.


  • Dualcompatibility keeps St. Augustine and centipede grass safe from weed
  • Atrazine fights against major weed types as an influencing ingredient
  • Minimum concentrate requirement helps in covering more areas at once
  • Quick preparation process doesn’t make you waste any extra time


  • Not applicable under the temperature of 90F

If you’re badly in need of a quality weed killer that can keep both St. Augustine and Centipede grass safe from weed, then pick VPG Hi-Yield Atrazine Weed Killer.

8. Southern Ag Lawn Weed Killer

Guess which name popped up again for the final slot on our list? Yup! It’s the Southern Ag, and this time they’ve made a comeback with their Lawn Weed Killer.

If you’re planning about having something widely compatible, we would say go for this one without hesitation. After all, it can be helpful for nine different turf types.

But we believe what will make you choose it is its ability to prevent the aggression of tons of weed types on your lawn. It looks like its efficient active ingredients have pulled it off flawlessly.

Plus, its economical rate of 4 oz. can convert 8 gallons of water into the perfect weed killer for an area with a size of 1000 sq. ft. On top of that, its faster action time can make it kill the weeds within two days to 2 weeks.


  • The wide compatibility range puts nine turf types on its list
  • Efficient active ingredients keep the lawn away from different weed types
  • Only 4 oz. of weed killer is enough for 8 gallon water
  • Faster action time ensures quicker killing of the weeds in your lawn


  • The formulation is not so effective against lespedeza

When weeds get into your turf, and you can’t think of anything but a faster weed killer, we say you better keep Southern Ag Lawn Weed Killer on your list of consideration.

How to Choose the Right Centipede Grass Weed Killer

herbicide for centipede grass

Remember, you’re here for the right weed killer. But once you make a wrong move, you won’t even know when that very chemical you’ve brought in becomes your centipede grass killer rather than saving them.

So, you need to make sure that the one you’re grabbing will save your lawn and only make it better without ruining it.

But how will you know whether it’s a killer or saver? Well, check out the following things, and you won’t have to worry about that even a bit.

Weed Types

centipede grass weeds identification

There are hundreds of types of weed you’ll see out there. But that doesn’t mean all the weed killers come with the guarantee that they’ll kill them all.

So, to be sure of that, check out the types of weed it’s covering, whether you’re asking for a solution for your grassy weeds or thinking about broadleaf weed control.

If you’re not new to the whole lawn thing, you probably know what kind of weeds often attack your turf, whether it’s winter weeds or other common ones. No matter what they are, please make sure the weed killer got their name on its list.

Lawn Safety

You don’t want to see your beloved trees or grass die in the effort of getting rid of the weeds, do you? We guess not. So, you better be picking something that can keep the weeds out of the picture without hurting the trees or grasses.

Pet and Children Safe

Do you know what kids and pets have in common? You can’t always control them both from jumping on your lawn. As you can’t always keep them away from there, you better get a weed killer that will not cause any damage to them.

Now the question is, what will you do if the one you’ve chosen got it all but can be harmful to pets/children. Well, the only answer for that we’ve got is to keep both of them away from the lawn.


No matter how good the weed killer is, it won’t be good enough for you if it can’t even cover your whole lawn. So, check out if the amount of liquid you’ve got in the container is sufficient for your lawn or not.

One more thing! We say rather than going for a one-time user, try to pick up something with a higher quantity as you don’t want to go for repetitive purchases every one/two months.

Ease of Application

We don’t think you need the details on this part. After all, no matter what you buy, you think of this one in the first place. So, feel free to go with a weed killer that doesn’t make you get a ton of other things to be applied over your lawn.

Diluted vs. Ready-to-Use

Both of these have their pros and cons. So, it depends on you which one you think is better for you. When it comes to the diluted ones, you’ll have to mix them up with a certain inch of water or the other chemicals. But this way, it’s possible to cover more areas easily.

But for the ready-to-use ones, you’ll have to apply them directly without any extra mixture. It’s less time-consuming, but you can’t use it in bigger areas like the diluted ones.


You might be planning on lowering the centipede grass pH right after you take care of the weeds. But you’ll have to accept that headache once again if you don’t focus on the longevity of the weed killer.

So, before you swipe your card, check out for how long that chemical will keep the weeds out of the lawn.

How Do You Kill Weeds in Centipede Grass?

how to get rid of weeds in centipede grass

In a single sentence, the answer is using weed killers. But that’s not the answer you’ve been looking for.

If you’ve gone through all the weed killers that we’ve talked about, you’ve probably noticed that not all of them work in the same way. Some of them are diluted, and some are ready-to-use.

When you’ve got the diluted liquid weed killer, you’ll have to mix it up first with a certain amount of water.

Right after that, you’ll need to put it into a sprayer and keep spraying over the centipede grass while walking backward, as you don’t want to walk over the weed killer.

You don’t need any extra mixture of water for the ready-to-use kind and can apply over the grass right from the container. Some of them even come with a sprayer attached to the container. For these, you don’t even need an extra sprayer to get started with the work.

But if the weed killer is of Granular type, you’ll have to go for the same usage pattern as the liquid to kill the weeds. But the good thing about this one is that you can also use a sprayer or spray trolly to execute the task.

We suggest using the spray trolley due to two reasons. One, you can cover a larger area faster. Two, it’s comparatively hassle-free.

Final words

The prime purpose of our reviews is to get you the best weed killer for centipede grass in order to keep your lawn as safe and good as new. But if you’re still feeling stuck, we say focus on nothing but your prime need.

If you’re thinking about covering maximum weed type, then go for the Greenview Broadleaf Weed Control. But when you’re planning on covering different types of turf at once, think about nothing else but the Southern Ag Lawn Weed Killer.

Now the question is, which one would you go for when you want something to make the grassroots stronger and grow faster? Well, we can’t utter a better name than Scotts Turf Builder Weed and Feed 3 for that.

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