Best Wood Chipper for Small Farm

Top 11 Best Wood Chipper for Small Farm to Buy in 2022

Wood chippers are important, even for a small farm, and you know that too. We mean, obviously, you’ll need a well-trimmed farm. However, not all the wood chippers are good.

If it doesn’t have features like a 7HP 4-stroke engine, polyurethane wheels, the motor that has got 3600 RPM, you can’t call it a perfect wood chipper, no.

If you’re thinking to yourself that we’re just bragging and you can’t get such a high-end wood chipper at an affordable cost, it’s time for you to read the reviews. We’ll help you find the best wood chipper for small farm.

What Is a Wood Chipper? 

What Is a Wood Chipper

A wood chipper is an efficient power tool designed to turn large pieces of wood into sawdust or wood chips. Mostly used in industrial lumber applications, this one plays a significant role in maintaining land by keeping fallen trees away.

In a nutshell, you can get rid of unused wood and unwanted trees right away by using this super-duper power tool. 

Talking about distinct parts, a wood chipper equips a number of different things, including a chipper, collar, hopper, and a piece of the collection bag. 

The collection is designed to store the debris and branches of woods in place. Depending on the type and size of chippers, the engine of the device can range between 3 to 1000 HP (horsepower). 

Usually, a wood chipper packs two different chutes to process woods, one is smaller, and the other one is a bit larger.

The first one (smaller) is engineered to shred mid-sized branches into wood chips. When we talk about the second one (larger), it equips hammers with blades to turn leaves and some other additional plants into mulch.

11 Best Wood Chipper for Small Farm Review

wood chipper reviews

Here we’re presenting 11 super-hot wood chippers, which are great for small farms. Surprisingly, some of them are ideal for commercial purposes as well. Stick with us to see which one suits your farm and your requirements best.

1. Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher from Landworks

Whether your task is related to forestry, landscaping, yard waste recycling, or even gardening, picking up the best wood chipper shredder mulcher from Landworks won’t be a house of cards at all!

The name speaks for itself, the gorilla is capable of doing both wood chipping, mulching, and even shredding. So having multiple tools isn’t required if you get your hands on this particular power tool!

Like our previous item, it also gets a powerful 7HP OHV 212cc engine (gas-powered) in order to cut 3” branches, limbs, and wood pieces without having much of a problem.

After turning debris into wood chips, you can keep them all in place by using a particular collection bag. But you’ll have to get it separately.

Unlike the mainstreams, the slanted housing design comes with minimizes jams and such issues. Additionally, the maker has added a specific vacuum inlet in order that you can use an extra vacuum cleaner for easy leaf mulching. INTERESTING!

With CARB/EPA certification, the machine has got PU solid wheels (10 inches) to increase the portability. The “all-terrain” wheels suit both rough and even surfaces. But it’s not a good option for pine cones, fresh greens, and palm branches.

Highlighted Features:

  • 212cc 7 HP gas-powered engine ensures optimum performance
  • Chipper can do both vacuuming, mulching, and shredding
  • 10” all-terrain PU solid wheels
  • Slanted housing design reduces jams
  • Can cut 3” branches and wood-pieces with ease
  • CARB/EPA certified and great for recycling, foresting, and landscaping

2. Heavy-Duty Wood Chipper from super handy 

Here is the best heavy duty wood chipper from SuperHandy designed to let you turn branches and solid woods into chips in the best way possible. It also packs a slanted housing design to keep jams at bay from this powerful tool.

The thing that makes it stand out from the rest is the sturdy handle-bar it comes with. It’s so comfortable and lets you move the product with ease from place to place.

Alongside it, the wood chipper includes 10” polyurethane wheels for enhancing portability.

As we’ve said before, it’s a versatile piece of a tool designed for a couple of purposes. With its powerful 212cc 4-stroke engine (7 HP), it can chop small to mid-sized wood pieces within a snap!

Most interestingly, the power tool can be used for both chipping, mulching, and shredding, making it compatible with multiple applications. And needless to say, it cuts 3-inch branches and twigs more quickly and easily, thanks to the 2 shredding knives it comes with.

The unique part? You’re getting a vacuum inlet designed to let you operate an extra cleaner for capturing leaves in the way you want.

The side discharge chute (3 inches) plays a significant role in taking clog away and making sure your device is running pretty smoothly to make the whole job done. Really, it’s a beast!

Highlighted Features:

  • 15:1 reduction ratio with 3 in 1 capability
  • Gets a specific handle that is sturdy and comfortable
  • 10” polyurethane wheels make it a breeze in terms of portability
  • Friendly with the vacuum cleaner to capture leaves easily
  • This wood chipper comes in 2 shredding knives for better functionality
  • 3” discharge chute with 212cc powerful engine makes the chipping task easy and effective

3. Sun Joe CJ603E 

So, are you wondering about turning twigs, branches, and leaves into high-nutrient mulch? If so, then selecting the Sun Joe CJ603E won’t be a bad decision at all. Even it’s a fantastic wood chipper that handles 1.73” thick branches.

Not only for chipping, but this one right here is engineered for shredding as well, making it super-awesome for a number of different applications.

When it comes to operating a wood chipper, weight matters a lot. In that case, the particular model won’t disappoint you since it’s only about 38.6 lbs, ensuring maximum portability while chipping and shredding.

For more convenience, the machine comes with a compact design, most importantly, it gets built-in wheels at a size of 7 inches for moving the tool with ease from home to garden.

As for functionality, the electric-powered chipper has got a powerful 15.0 amp motor to make the “chipping and shredding” task done with efficiency. At this price range, it’s the best wood chipper under $500 and far better than the typical models out there.

The best part? There are a specific locking knob and a safety hopper designed to keep the motor away from running when opened. It’s safe, and of course, it’s beginner-friendly.

With a reduction ratio of around 21:1, the chipper erases yard waste within no time. Additionally, you’re getting a dust collection bag with collection bag hooks to capture sawdust or debris without any hassle.

Last but definitely not least, it offers a minimal sound during operation, the credit goes to the noise-free design it gets.

Highlighted Features:

  • Handles 1.7” thick branches or twigs and turns them into high-nutrient mulch
  • Electric chipper is powered by a 15-amp motor
  • Portable and lightweight on account of its 38.6 pounds of weight
  • Built-in wheels are about 7 inches in size
  • Gets a locking knob with a safety hopper
  • 21:1 reduction ratio with a noise-free design for user convenience

4. SuperHandy Mini Wood Chipper

“Small chipper for a small farm,” if you agree with that statement, the mini wood chipper from SuperHandy is what you should take a look at. It comes in just around 55.0 pounds that makes it pretty much lightweight and easy to move.

Besides, the shape it comes with is relatively compact. So after you complete the shredding or mulching task, place it wherever you want. The heavy-duty wheels suit almost every terrain, so it doesn’t matter whether the surface of your garden is smooth or a bit rough.

With the 212cc 7HP gas-powered engine (four-stroke) it gets, turning twigs and branches into sawdust will be a cinch! Also, it can easily cut up to 3” large branches. As you can see, it is way too powerful despite being a small-sized chipper.

This one has a 15:1 reduction ratio with a 3-in-1 feature, meaning it itself can do mulching, shredding, and of course, wood chipping!

What’s the wow factor? The device produces perfect debris discharge, and that too at an angle of 90 to 145 degrees, a big thanks to the vertical discharge chute with the adjustable large discharge guide.

As for compatibility, it’s the best small wood chipper to utilize for gardening, landscaping, and forestry. Besides, keep it far away from pine cones, palm branches, and petrified woods.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact design with a weight of just about 55 lbs for portability
  • Chipper gets heavy-duty “all-terrain wheels”
  • Cuts twigs and branches way too quickly with its 212cc 7 HP engine
  • 3-in-1 capability with 15:1 reduction ratio
  • Adjustable discharge guide is included for precise debris discharge

5. C30 Wood Chipper from EFCUT

On the fifth, we’re presenting a gas-powered chipper from EFCUT. Durable, versatile, powerful, you name it, this one right here comes with a 3-in-1 feature, which means you can use this device as a chipper, mulcher, and shredder at the same time.

With a reduction ratio of up to 20:1, the beast equips a 15.6-inch cutting rotor along with six smaller shreds to increase the overall functionality. And guess what? It can handle limbs or branches of up to 3 inches, making it a great choice for a smaller farm.

Speaking of the power, it equips a 212cc 7 Horsepower single-cylinder gas engine (4-stroke) to let you cut small to mid-sized wood-pieces efficiently. The fuel capacity is no less than 0.7 gallons.

There is an adjustable discharge guide along with back and front check windows, for which you can take off the blades and clean up the debris pretty safely and effectively. Thus, you can make your “chipping task” safer and more precise.

Thankfully, the tool is pretty easy to operate, and most importantly, it gets 10” knobby tires to let you move the stuff from one place to another. And needless to say, the design it comes with is much compact, making it friendly with your small garage.

Highlighted Features:

  • Designed for wood chipping, shredding, and mulching
  • 20:1 reduction rate with 15.6” cutting rotor
  • Wood chipper has got a 212 cc 7HP 4-stroke engine (single cylinder)
  • Can handle branches and limbs of up to 3”
  • Front and back windows enable users to remove old blades and clean debris pretty smoothly
  • 10” tires, compact shape, and lightweight structure ensures optimum portability

6. Wood chipper GreatCircleUSA

Working at small farms won’t be a back-breaking task at all if you get your hands on this wood chipper from GreatCircleUSA. The multi-functional machine equips a 15:1 reduction ratio with 3-in-1 capability, meaning, everything will be done within a short period, including mulching, chipping, and shredding.

And the thing to be noted, it can also be used to reduce a heap of leaves from your land, how? Well, there is an attachable vacuum port designed to let you use a vacuum cleaner to complete the whole task.

With 3600 RPM, the 4-stroke 212cc gas-powered engine will definitely help you accomplish your chipping task more quickly and accurately. Keep it away from using ETHANOL, the maximum fuel capacity is no less than 0.7 gallons.

What’s the interesting part of it? There is a hookup system, which means you can connect the chipper with your small tractor or ATV in order to make sure easy transportation.

And thankfully, you’re getting a spacious discharge bag for collecting lots of sawdust with ease. So, the surface of your farm will stay out of mess while turning twigs or branches into debris.

The chipper gets CARB/EPA certification, and more interestingly, it’s a great power tool for building firebreaks and aiding in fire prevention. Consequently, you can keep your small farm always tidy and safe at the same time.

Highlighted Features:

  • Excellent handles, ½-inch branches and gets a powerful 212cc engine
  • 3600 RPM with a 15:1 reduction ratio to make sure optimum performance
  • Used for both chipping, shredding, and mulching
  • Attachable vacuum port is included
  • Hookup system, along with built-in wheels, maximizes portability
  • EPA/CARB certified wood chipper
  • Helps in fire prevention and builds firebreaks 

7. Patriot CSV-3100B

Killing two birds with one stone will be as easy as falling off a log if you get yourself this one from patriot. This gas-powered chipper is engineered to complete both wood chipping and leave shredding tasks successfully done.

Want to effectively chop up wood-pieces without spending hours and hours? No worries, the chipper has got your back! It’s powered by a 10 HP Briggs engine that is more powerful and more versatile than the typical models.

Besides, it chops up twigs, branches, and such items of up to 3” (in diameter), making it a suitable choice for small farms. Even the machine is compatible with commercial projects as well.

Despite being stronger, it offers a minimal amount of noise during application. In this case, the super low-tone muffler gets the whole credit!

 Y-hammers, along with the steel cutters, make the chipper capable of grinding the debris to small pieces and chipping the woods pretty evenly. So, the task you want to complete with this power tool will be perfectly done, undoubtedly.

Those cutters and Y-hammers are quite easy to take off, making them more convenient in terms of maintaining and sharpening.

What makes this stuff stand out? Well, the son of a gun has got a low-oil sensor, which means the machine will turn off straight away when the amount of oil is very low. Thus, it helps to keep the engine safe and free from overload.

For more convenience, the chipper packs a valve on the overhead, keeping dust or other junks away from the unit to keep it cool always. 

Highlighted Features:

  • Chipper is engineered for both leave shredding and wood chipping
  • Takes power from a 10 HP Briggs engine and cuts 3” branches
  • This power tool delivers low sound with its super lo-tone muffler
  • A low-oil sensor keeps the power tool safe
  • Designed with durable wheels for easy transportation

8. Champion Power Equipment 100137

Stylish and powerful; if you’re hunting for something like this, the portable chipper from Champion Power Equipment will suit you best. With a color combination of black and yellow, the overall design it gets is pretty awesome that can easily take the WOW out of your lips!

Alongside the outstanding look, it’s very powerful and capable of performing both shredding and mulching, thanks to the superior 338cc OHV engine (10.5), making the whole task a piece of cake!

With a 1.2-quart oil capacity as well as a 1.6-gallon fuel tank, the champ delivers maximum strength to ensure a quick and hassle-free operation. Don’t worry about turning twigs and such things into debris, it chops up to 3” branches without much effort.

It also gets 4-shredder hammers to shred shrubs, yard debris, and leaves to ½” or so. You’re getting a 2-bushel dust collection bag to capture those things in a pretty smart way.

As for durability, the outer frame is of high-quality steel in order that the power tool can withstand heavy torture and harsh weather conditions.

The built-in low-oil sensor plays a significant role in shutting the engine down right away when the amount of fuel is minimal. Thus, it prevents accidental damages as well.

Despite being a bit weighty, it’s much portable and easy to move from place to place, thanks to the 12” never-flat tires along with the convenient handle.

Highlighted Features:

  • Tool has a 338cc 10.5 HP superior engine (single-cylinder).
  • 1.6-gallon fuel tank with 1.2-quart oil capacity
  • It cuts 3-inch branches and shreds ½-inch leaf effortlessly
  • Has got a 2-bushel dust collection bag
  • This chipper is pretty safe to use due to its low-oil sensor
  • Steel housing with never-flat wheels and handle for durability and portability

9. WEN 41121

This one from WEN comes in a compact shape, making it compatible with tight areas and average-sized garages. Though it looks pretty small, it’s capable of taking off each and every unnecessary stick, branch, and such things from your small farm.

Even you can turn those pieces of junks into high-nutrient mulch. And yes, we like to call it a multi-functional power tool since it can do it all, including chipping, mulching, and shredding.

With its 2 cutting blades at a size of 7 inches, the tool right here delivers around 130 cuts per second (8000 cuts per minute). Besides, it’s able to bear heavy torture without dealing with overloading issues, yep, it’s only possible because of the 15-amp superior motor.

If safety is your concern, then you’re so lucky; guess why? The efficient electric-powered chipper won’t turn on if the hopper is open. It’s a big plus if you’re new in the field of wood chipping and mulching.

Alongside those benefits, you’re getting onboard storage, a specific push stick, and a med-sized collection bag to capture debris with ease.

To ensure easy transportation, the maker equips durable wheels (6-inch). The ergonomic handle adds extra convenience in this case. Speaking of weight, it’s only about 23.1 pounds, making it one of the lightest chippers out there.

We’re fond of the quick-start option it packs, just flip the power button and get ready for the real action! And thankfully, the entire machine requires minimal maintenance, so there is no need to replace the spark plugs, carburetors, or air filters.

Highlighted Features:

  • Compact, lightweight, and easy to move due to its 9” wheels
  • Easily handle 1.5-inch twigs and branches with its 2 cutting blades
  • When the hopper is open, the tool won’t turn on automatically
  • Quick-start options let you turn the device on within seconds
  • Powered by a 15.0-amp motor for better cutting performance
  • Offers a specific push stick, dust collection bag, and an onboard storage

10. Landworks Mini Wood Chipper

Are you still looking for the best wood chipper for small farm? Then maybe you’re hungry for something like this, the Landworks Mini Wood Chipper. The name says it all, it has got a small frame to let you adjust it in almost every place.

Despite being compact, it gets a lot of power to do mulching, shredding, and wood chopping at a reduction rate of 15:1.

When it comes to suitability, it’s a fantastic power tool to turn 3” limbs or branches into debris. It makes your “wood chopping task” a child’s play with its powerful 212cc 4-stroke engine (7 Horsepower)!

Moreover, the CARB/EPA certified gas-powered chipper includes an adjustable discharge guide to provide debris and sawdust discharge more accurately. The range of angles will be around 90 to 145 degrees.

We’re fond of the extra-large hopper it comes with. It maximizes wood chipping to enable you to complete your task quickly yet perfectly. Impressive, eh?

With 3600 RPM, you’re also getting 10” rugged wheels, which are compatible with all-terrain. Thanks to its versatility, it’s great for gardens, landscapes, and even for assisting in fire prevention.

Highlighted Features:

  • 15:1 reduction ratio with a chipping capacity of up to 3” branches
  • All terrains wheels (10”) with compact structure makes it portable
  • XL-sized hopper increases wood chipping
  • Takes power from a 212cc 7HP gas-powered engine (4-stroke)
  • EPA/CARB certified
  • Adjustable discharge guide for accurate disposing
  • Ideal for landscaping, firebreaks building, and aiding in fire prevention

11. Detail K2 OPC506

Finally, we’re going to wrap up our wood chipper review by showing you our last pick from Detail K2. If you think the previous one is a bit low in power for your farm, this is what you need to have.

Why? It’s because the chipper is packed with a superior 429cc 14 HP gas-powered engine (CH440) along with 3600 RPM, making it one of the best wood chipper for home use and commercial purposes.

The best part? It’s not only able to chop up twigs and branches, but it also can chip small-sized trees of up to 6.25 inches in diameter. This is the thing that makes it stand out from the rest.

Another noticeable thing is the dual-edge blade (13”) it gets. With its assistance, you can either operate your tool in reverse even if the other side requires sharpening. Thus it enhances the longevity of your power tool as well.

Alongside the auto-adjust cutters, the hopper of this chipper is much bigger than the traditional models out there. Therefore, you’ll be able to use lots of twigs and branches at once to turn them into debris.

Here, you’re getting a towing bar to take this machine with you to a number of different places. As for transportation, it’s equipped with legal-tires; plus, the 36” extended axle increases towing stability.

The tool offers ear protection, lockout keys, gloves, oil bottles, and some other assembly tools. So, you won’t have to spend extras on those items; you’re already getting these things without spending additional dollars.

Highlighted Features:

  • One of the most powerful chippers due to its 429cc engine (14 HP)
  • Cuts branches and small trees of around 6.25 inches in diameter
  • 13” dual-edged blade for maximum functionality
  • Produces speed of 3600 revolutions per minute
  • Tool equips legal tires for easy transportation
  • Offers lockout keys, gloves, oil bottles, ear protection, etc

Types of Wood Chippers

The current market has got a couple of different wood chippers. Considering your needs and tastes, it’s always a wise decision to get the right one. 

Good to know, each type works in a different way even though the purpose of inventing this power tool is to turn wood pieces into wood chips. So, it’s better to know about the types to see which one suits you and your land most.

1. PTO Wood Chipper

We’re talking about the versatile one, PTO chippers. Standing for power take-off takes power from the drive shaft of a specific truck, tractor, and even mower for cutting small to large wood pieces effortlessly. 

If you’re someone who needs to deal with larger materials every once in a while, the PTO chipper is what you should consider. It’s specifically designed for professional landscapers and farmers. 


  • Free from engine maintenance
  • Mobile and pretty much powerful
  • Great for expert landscapers, homeowners, and farmers


  • An extra vehicle is required to operate
  • Mounting it to a trailer might be a bit tricky

2. Electric Wood Chipper 

The name speaks for itself, an electric wood chipper takes energy from electricity through an extension cord. What does it mean? Well, it means you’ll need to plug it in to run the chipper efficiently.

As we can see, having a specific outlet is a must to operate such type of chipper. We consider it as a drawback!

Speaking of pros, it’s relatively cheaper, portable, and compact in size, making it easy to use. But unfortunately, it’s not the best option if you want to deal with massive-sized branches.


  • Dirt cheap
  • Portable and compact size
  • Less maintenance needed
  • A great choice for beginners


  • Requires to be plugged in 
  • Not that good for cutting bigger woods

3. Gas-Powered Wood Chipper

Gas chippers are the “Hercules” of chippers. Faster, stronger, versatile, you name it, this type right here equips lots of advantages to letting you cut every single type of wood with ease, and that too within a shorter period.

If you’re capable of spending a small fortune to get a heavy-duty power tool, choosing a gas-powered chipper might be your best decision. But it requires too much maintenance compared to the previous types. 


  • Much stronger and faster
  • Handles all types of woods
  • Durable and last for long
  • Best for commercial usage


  • Costly
  • Requires too much maintenance

What to Look for Before You Buy Best Wood Chippers?

wood chipper buying guide

Since you’re going to buy a wood chipper to deal with twigs, branches, wood pieces, and small trees, it’s a must to look for some specific things.

Because if you mistakenly get yourself the wrong one, you won’t be able to chop up those items effectively, we’re pretty sure as eggs are eggs!

So, to keep you far away from picking up the piece of junk, be sure to sight tight and consider the following things below.

1. Power Type

Determining the power type should be your first duty while picking up a specific wood chipper. Basically, you’ll find two different types to choose from, including electric and gas-powered.

If you’re able to spend a pretty penny to get a super-awesome chipper, having the gas-powered model might be your best decision. However, choosing an electric-powered machine won’t be a bad idea at all, especially if you’re on a limited budget.

2. Cutting Capacity

Tell us the reason why you’re going to buy a wood chipper. Definitely, the main reason behind purchasing it is to turn the unnecessary branches and sticks into debris and keep them away, right? 

So, the cutting capacity should be average, at least the power tool you’re going to get is compatible with the branches of ½ inches. Otherwise, you can’t get the result that you desire— mark these words!

3. Reduction Ratio

It tells you how much the chipper can minimize your yard waste or debris. Let’s say the wood chipper with a reduction ratio of 15:1 means fifteen bags of waste is going to be reduced to a single bag.

Consequently, the machine you’re going to use will be stronger if the rate of reduction is pretty much higher.

4. Portability

It matters a lot when we talk about using a chipper shredder machine. In that case, you have to consider the wood chipper weight.

It should be lighter as well as should be equipped with all-terrain wheels for better mobility and transportation.

And yes, the handle adds extra convenience in terms of moving the stuff from place to place.

5. Versatility

It’s always a better decision to get a multi-functional chipper. The item you want to choose should be capable of both mulching, shredding, and vacuuming so that you can use the product to complete almost every task of your smaller farm.

6. Power       

What will you do if you get a chipper with a less energetic engine? You won’t even break a small piece of wood in case your machine gets a flimsy engine.

So, make sure to choose the one that packs extreme power so that you can chip and shred all types of branches and twigs within minutes.

7. Safety

If you want to operate the machine with adequate safety, it should be included with a couple of additional features we call “safety features,” including a low-oil sensor, automatic shut-off, locking knob, and so forth. These will always help you to run the chipper without throwing caution to the wind!

How to Use Wood Chipper for Small Farm?

small wood chipper

Using a wood chipper will be too complicated if you’re not familiar with all the knows-hows. Be sure to stick with to learn the proper way of using this beast.

  • Positioning First

First off, you have to make sure the wood chipper you’re going to use is on solid ground (on level) in order to prevent unnecessary movement.

  • Adjusting the Chip Chute

The chip chute and chip director let you control the direction and the distance the wood chips are thrown. Almost every chipper out there equip clamp knobs, which you can adjust to control the distance in the way you want.

  • Setting the Brake

While using a specific tractor to haul your wood chipper, ensure to set the parking brake right away before turning your machine on.

  • Feeding the Blunt End

Let’s begin with the end of the blunt first while feeding the chipper; why? It’s because the material feeds through the tool more consistently.

  • Feeding Lubricant

Once you collect your desired material for putting into the machine, it’s better to add a certain amount of green and dry limbs (mixture).

The moisture you’ll found in the limbs works as a lubricant to increase the overall speed and functionality of your chipper.

  • Keeping Yourself Away from the Hopper

Your device starts chipping since you’ve fed some of the branches inside. Stay away from the hopper to keep debris and stuff like that away from hitting you.

  • Collecting the Wood Chips

When we see the “chipping task” is all done, feel free to capture the chips and keep them in place. That’s all! 

Safety Tips for Using Your Wood Chipper

wood chipper safety checklist

According to a report of the American Medical Association (AMD), 31 people (from 1992 to 2002) accidentally died while operating a wood chipper. 

As we can see, it might be too dangerous if you’re not familiar with the proper techniques, and of course, the safety tips.

So, to keep yourself out of hot water while running the power tool, make sure to follow the below-mentioned tips:

  • Read User Manual

Whether you’re a professional worker or very new in the world of chipping, it’s always better to read the manual that you’ll get from your device. 

A wood chipper equips multiple moving parts. If you get familiar with those things, you can keep yourself safe forever while operating.

  • Put on Safety Equipment

Ensure to get your hands on the safety gear and cover yourself from head to toe with the safety hat, goggles, mask, gloves, boots, and so on. And stay away from wearing loose clothing while using this powerful tool. 

  • Turn It OFF If You Get a Clog

Turn the power OFF straight away if you, unfortunately, get a clog in the chipping chamber or discharge chute. After shutting down, ensure to wait till the flywheel stopped whirling. 

  • Start with Minimal Speed

Always be sure to start your device at the lowest speed first. If you hear awkward sounds in the middle of your work, turn the power tool off right away because there might be some broken or loose components inside.

  • Stay Away from Overloading 

Overloading increases the chance of accidents. It might injure you as well as damage your device. So, know the capability of your machine before adding anything.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is It Really Necessary To Lubricate The Engine Before Using The Machine?

Answer: Yep, lubricating the engine is your first duty before starting the machine. The engine oil or lubricant keeps the machine smooth and jam-free, and most importantly, it dramatically increases the longevity of your power tool.

2.    What Are The “Must-have” Safety Dresses That I Need To Collect?

Answer: Before starting your wood chipper, be sure to cover yourself entirely (If possible). At least you’ll have to put on gloves, glasses, a face mask, and head protection.

3. Which Type Of Chipper Is Much Easier To Use?

Answer: In our opinion, the one that takes power from electricity (corded electric) is much easier to operate than the gas-powered chipper. If you use it, you won’t have to deal with gas refilling tasks and stuff like that.

4. Is It A plus point To Have A chipper With A Large Hopper?

Answer: Of course, if your beast is included with a large hopper, you can add lots of twigs and small branches at once. And the result? You won’t have to spend hours and hours in terms of reducing the junks of your small farm.

5. What Are The Alternatives To Wood Chippers?

Answer: Frankly speaking, it’s tough to beat wood chippers when it comes to discharging limbs or small branches. But for some specific reasons, a number of people try to find better alternatives to wood chippers.

If you’re kind of those persons, we suggest chopping up the wood pieces through a chain saw and stack them for burning.

Besides, you can apply a lawnmower as well to mulch leaves. But you should keep it away from branches and twigs. 


So, to keep your small farm maintained and well-trimmed, make sure to choose any of one from our comprehensive list of the best wood chipper for small farm. Now, we’ve talked about both gas-powered and electric-powered ones.

If you want to know our opinion, we recommend going for the electric-powered wood chipper. However, a gas-powered beast like the C30 Wood Chipper from EFCUT, obviously worth your money.

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