Best Mulching Blades for Husqvarna: Top 8 Picks for 2022

Most of the mulching blades out there are made for the gas-powered model. That’s why it’s hard to find one mulching blade for electric mower models like Husqvarna. But that doesn’t mean you can’t find the best mulching blades for Husqvarna and only resort to buying factory blades.

Here we list 8 replacement lawn mower blade models that suit any electric model. Keep reading the whole article to find the top lawn mower blade for you.

Best Mulching Blades for Husqvarna Reviews in 2022

We have added 8 different mulching lawn mower blades that stand out in durability, efficiency, and precision. Keep reading to find the top blades for your Husqvarna mower.

1. Oregeon Mower G3 Gator Blades

Looking to replace mulching blades on your 54-inch Husqvarna? Well, the G3 gator blades are the best mulching blades for husqvarna 54 mowers. 

It comes with a sophisticated design, and that's the best part. There are angular curves between the toothed edges. That's why it will fit right in your 54-inch mower. Also, the durable and extreme quality construction gives it the strength to cut grass effortlessly.

So what about performance? Again, the design appreciates the performance of these blades. Thanks to the angular curves, the airflow between the edges becomes smoother. As a result, removing debris is no big problem.

Specifically, the 18-4/9 inch length and 0.187-inch thickness contribute to ensuring optimal performance and efficiency. On top of that, the aggressive lift makes it an excellent fit for bagging or clapping with your mower. Also, we can't forget a set of serrated teeth that can break up clumps on your lawn.

So, yes, the blades can help you get a neat and well-looking lawn. Finally, installing them on your Husqvarna riding mower is easy. The 5-point start type center hole makes installation smooth. The holes will fit the spindle on your mower without causing any hindrance.

What's more, you will receive multiple blades with the ordered package. So, there are spares when you need them. 

Highlighted Features:

  • The package includes three long-lasting durable blades
  • Has 26-point certification for ensuring quality
  • Comes with aggressive lift and serrated teeth
  • The installation process is hassle-free with 54-inch mowers
  • Made in USA

2. Maxpower 3 Blade Commercial Mulching Set

Maxpower blades are made in the US. So, you can guess their quality. But that’s not just the only thing - this universal mower blade set is a good fit for just about any Husqvarna 21-inch push mower.

There are multiple reasons why this 2-blade package is a proper choice for messy lawns. You don’t have to go back and forth to get a clean-looking lawn. Just rely on the high-lift blade for the task.

Mainly, the blades are placed upwards, and as a result, the high-lift design catches any grass trying to fly away. So, you can use the blades for bagging. Not to mention, it exceeds most OEM specifications. Although the blades lack serrated teeth, it works pretty well for lawns with tall grass.

The best thing about this set is that it’s a universal fit. That’s why customers highly praise the product. Using it on your push mower won’t let grass clips settle in the soil. Thanks to the durability and grass cutting efficiency, this one is an excellent addition to Husqvarna mulching blades 42.

Highlighted Features:            

  • It meets OEM blade quality standards
  • Designed as a two-faced blade with durable material
  • Ensures lower operating cost
  • It’s very easy to install in a push mower

3. Husqvarna Lawn Mower Mulching 2 Blade Kit

This one is a fancy pair of blades! So, they have put plenty of focus on the design and looks. In spite of that, the mulching blade provides a neat and precise performance on your lawn. They even added a 90-days money-back warranty. It means there’s room for exchanging it with a new pair if you find manufacturing defects.

The package includes 2 blades, and you have to use them together to function properly. It’s not surprising as the blades eliminate the need for bagging, clipping, or raking grass. What’s surprising is the price tag. You won’t find a more affordable blade on the market.

Mainly, the blade is designed specially to throw the grass clippings back on the lawn. As a result, you can ask for healthy-looking grass and fertile lawn all year-round.

Not just that, you can even sharpen the blades whenever you want. So, when you feel the blades are not functioning right, just sharpen them. Yes, the blades weigh a lot! But that won’t affect the precision and cutting ability.

Highlighted Features:

  • The package includes 2 blades
  • Suitable for 42-inch mower decks
  • Made in the US
  • One of the most affordable blades

4. SureFit Mulching Blade

Well, the Surefit mulching blade is not that impressive for sharp cutting efficiencies. But it’s a high-quality, durable blade kit. When you prioritize durability, this one is the obvious choice.

Just by holding the blade, you can tell it’s made of good quality metal. The only problem is the sharpness of the blades. Indeed, it’s not the sharpest blade out there. It requires a lot of grinding before you get the desired sharpness. No need to worry, the coating is still thick after grinding.

Not to mention, it’s way cheaper compared to big box stores. To be more specific, this product is another affordable model just like the Husqvarna 954636867 on our list. Between the two, these ones are much easier to install.

Yes, it will fit right in with your 42-inch Husqvarna mower deck. And the thick build quality calls for extended service life. It’s an obvious choice if you want a durable blade that you can sharpen from time to time.

Highlighted features:

  • It’s compatible with most Husqvarna 42-inch push lawn mowers
  • The package arrives with 2 blades inside
  • Retains a thick coating even after grinding
  • Strong blades are made using quality metals

5. 8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade Set

The 8Ten is a well-balanced mulching kit in terms of sharpness and durability. This replacement blade promises to deliver cutting-edge precision on the lawn, thanks to that. Also, it’s a significant upgrade over the standard blade. To be specific, the sharp blade can work even with wet grass.

However, that’s not the only specialty of this factory blade. It’s currently the best mulching blades for husqvarna 46. Why? Just think about it, most high lift blade is made with machines. On the contrary, this mulching kit is balanced manually. As a result, it has a perfect balance ensuring zero vibration.

Aside from the balance, 8Ten put a lot of effort into the durability. The lawnmower blade kit was hardened and tempered to withstand any extreme conditions. What’s more, there’s zero noise from the blades while using a 46-inch riding mower.

Overall, these are well-balanced 46-inch mulching lawn mower blades. You don’t have to panic to sharpen the blades when the package arrives. The factory blade kit is pre-sharpened, and you only need to mount them on the mower deck.

Highlighted Features:

  • Manually made to ensure a well-balanced factory blade
  • Pre-sharpened, so you don’t have to put extra effort
  • Is able to endure any extreme conditions
  • The balance of the sharp blade results in zero vibration

6. Husqvarna Lawn Mower 22-in Deck Mulching Blade

Another good quality OEM blade for 21-inch lawn mowers from Husqvarna. Well, the blade is sold individually. So, you can make a quick replacement without any worries. Also, it will help you get a trimmed look on any lawn.

It’s a 22-inch long blade, and the design is quite unique. Needless to say, the blades are pretty sharp. Just walk behind the mower and place it towards the grass. The sharp blades make precise cuts on your first attempt.

Obviously, the compatibility list of these blades is impressive. You can use them for a number of different grass mowers. They are not pre-sharpened. Yes, the package arrives balanced. As a result, you have to sharpen the blades before installation.

Once you sharpen the blades, it will produce spectacular results. If you consider the overall quality of the blades, they do a decent job in handling mulching. However, try to avoid rough patches while you’re using them.

Highlighted Features:

  • You can purchase the 2-blade package or buy blades separately
  • Compatible with most Husqvarna models
  • Features a Hassle-free design and installation procedure
  • Good quality blade for bagging.

7. Rotary Heavy Duty Mulching Blade

It’s pretty hard to find a good quality 54-inch mulching blade for Husqvarna mowers. This USA mower blade makes an excellent replacement for your mower. With the heavy-duty blade, you can easily clip large and short grass with ease. It will take a few minutes to make your lawn tidy again.

When you receive the package, it will come as a set of three blades. Now, you can’t say these are like any standard gator blade. Instead of having a solid steel construction, Rotary comes with a heavy-duty steel body. So, you don’t need to worry about maintenance or having to lose the sharpness of the blades.

On the contrary, the heavy-duty build allows extended service life and sharpness. Another key feature of this USA mower blade is the mounting option. The 5-star point allows you to install the product effortlessly.

One thing is for sure, it’s the overall best aftermarket mulching blade. The best thing is that you can speed up clipping to tidy up a messy lawn.

Highlighted features:

  • Has a heavy-duty steel body
  • Features a 5-star point mounting option for 54 decks
  • The blades are effective through even long grasses
  • Comes with a unique design that speeds up clipping

8. Predator 3 USA Mulching Blades

While you're busy cutting grass on your lawn, it's essential to consider your blades' shape. A solid body of the blade can make the experience far better. And it's true for a 48-inch mower. Luckily, the Predator 3 is designed to tailor to the specific needs of a 48-inch mower.

It's an obvious choice for most commercial mowers in the US. Predator uses extra durable steel to manufacture these blades. Thanks to the durable build quality, it has an edge in the aftermarket over OEM blades.

Also, if you sharpen them the right way, the blades will produce excellent yield strength. It means you can even work with them on wet grass. On top of that, Predator tested and balanced the blades to ensure better impact toughness. So, blades won't wear off that easily.

Currently, it's the Husqvarna mulching blades 48 kits in the aftermarket. The blades won't bend that easily. What's impressive is that the blades are surprisingly lightweight even after having a solid body. Indeed, a bold move with the design from Predator.

Highlighted Features:

  • The heavy-duty steel blades are wear-resistant and boast better impact toughness
  • Predator reduced the weight for easy operation
  • Lasts longer and no need for frequent sharpening
  • Comes with great yield strength

Factors to Consider While Buying Mulching Blades for Husqvarna


Anyone using standard blades finds mulching blades an entirely new thing. So, picking up the best lawn mower blade that matches your Husqvarna model is somehow confusing. But it’s not that complicated a job. Simply follow these basic parameters to find the right product for your lawnmower:

  • Length of the Blade

Electric mower decks are designed specifically for blades of a certain length. That’s the reason why you can’t go and buy any blade. Certainly, you can’t install a larger blade for your mower.

Also, using a smaller blade can’t produce better results. Small blades take more time to shred the grass.

There’s a misconception regarding the length of mulching blades. Many people like to think longer blades will cut grass more efficiently. As it turns out, longer is not always better.

Yes, some larger blades will fit with your mower. But most of the time, it won’t be a  perfect match. In many cases, larger blades tend to slow down the mower subsequently. There are other risks, like the blade hitting the mower's body.

That’s why you better find a factory blade that comes in the correct size. You can check the cut size in your mower deck. The sorting process becomes easier when you know what size you are searching for.

  • Blade’s Surface

Every mulching blade has a curved surface. At a glance, the curves seem like curved teeth. The curves on the surface allow the blades to work at two different angles.

Now, there’s a term called a lift. While we reviewed some of the best products, you may have noticed we used terms like ‘aggressive lift’ or ‘high lift design.’ Generally, a lift is the backside of the mulching blade. The backside is raised at a certain angle so that the blade can perform multiple tasks simultaneously.

When you have a blade with aggressive lift, alongside cutting the grass, it will also do clipping, push grass on the ground, or even chop them into small pieces.

However, the lift support primarily depends on the mower model a lot. If the blade is not compatible with your mower, it won’t perform exactly how it should.

  • Check the Weight

Mulching blades are heavier than any traditional blade. It’s because they have a unique design and construction. The blades are thick. Also, manufacturers need to use more materials to design the lift. So, yes, mulching blades are heavy.

However, you need to understand whether it’s heavier than usual. If the mower blade is hefty, it will affect the speed of your mower. A heavy mower blade will put more strain on the engine and body.

So, while trying to find the right blade, make sure it’s not exceptionally heavy.

  • Construction Material and Durability

The confusing part of selecting a good mower factory blade is checking its durability. To get a clear understanding of the durability, you need to focus on the construction material first.

Generally, most lawn mower blades have metal construction. But what type of metal? Is it heavy-duty steel? Or have they used solid steel? There’s a difference between the two.

Normally a solid steel body tends to wear off quickly. But heavy-duty steel can stay sharp for extended periods. Also, the balance of the blade is another crucial parameter here.

Manufacturers treat the blades to balance their blades. A balanced blade has equal strength on both edges. And it’s tough to understand whether the blade is balanced or not.

So, we have to rely on only one option here, check the construction material and how the blades were treated. Also, avoid blades that bend easily in harsh conditions.

  • How Many Pieces does the Package contain?

Blades have to work under strenuous conditions. So, when it comes to replacing them, most people like to replace the ones that look the worst. That’s not a good move at all.

Either you replace all the blades or don’t. It’s because most Husqvarna mowers require two or three blades to generate optimal performance.

Just like we said, these blades are hefty. So, when you install just one blade, there’s a chance there will be an uneven weight balance on the device. Also, when the standard blade and mulching blade work together, there’s a chance of clamping.

Yes, we understand it saves you some cash. But you better look for a mulching mower kit instead of separate blades.

  • Mounting Option

This is the only technical parameter you must consider before even going for the best pick. No, you don’t have to worry about the whole machine. Just try to learn about your mower deck. In short, there’s a spindle under the blade, and you have to connect the blades there.

Pretty easy, right? Nah! There’s a little bit of a problem here. Mainly, there’s a small gap in the blades that we call a center. The spindle connects the blades through the center. Now, you can guess what we are trying to imply here?

Yes, the center hole should match the size of the spindle. Needless to say, both spindle wheels and center hole comes in different size and shapes. Common center hole shapes include five, six, or even seven-point star designs.

So, you have to check the spindle shape first. Yes, it’s a tad bit complicated because this feature shrinks your choice range. But the good part is that you don’t have to worry about installation. The blade will fit right in.

How to Install Mulching Blades on Husqvarna Riding Mower?

How to Install Mulching Blades on Husqvarna Riding Mower

Have you decided on the best blades for your Husqvarna mower? If so, it brings us to a new question. Do you need to follow separate installation procedures for different types of blades or not? It turns out you don’t. Yes, you may need to sharpen the blades before installing. However, the installation process remains the same.

Let’s show you the installation procedure step by step here. Oh yes! Ensure you have gloves or other protective gear on your hands because the new blades are incredibly sharp.

Step by Step Procedure:

Step 1: Remove the spark plug connector from your Husqvarna mower.

Step 2: Once you have removed the spark plug connector, it’s time to remove the collector.

Step 3: Gently flip your lawnmower on its side. Be extra careful. Ensure the air filters are pointing upwards and the mufflers face down.

Step 4: Carefully loosen and remove the blade bolts - no need to rush. Take your time and dismount the blade.

Step 5: Now, mount your new mulch blade. Then, tighten the blade bolts in their previous position.

Step 6: There’s a chance the blade will move while you are trying to patch the bolts. Use a block of wood or any other material to keep the blades still.

Step 7: For tightening and securing the bolt, use a torque range.

Step 8: Now, install the mulch plug.

Step 9: Finally, reattach the spark plug connector.

Note: After installing the mulch blades, turn on the lawnmower and check for any problems. If there’s any problem, you better ask for help from a professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is difference between mulching blades and regular blades?

Standard blades have a high lift design suitable for bagging and discharging. On the other hand, the Mulching blades are designed to feature a more curved shape. Not just that, they add extra cutting surfaces for the edges. 

2. Are Gator blades better than mulching blades?

Generally, mulching blades push the grass down. But Gator blades tend to draw the grass up. As a result, you get an even and precise cut.

3. Are High Lift mower blades better?

Yes, they are. A low-lift blade performs exceptionally well in dry conditions with shorter grass. And high-lift mower blades are suitable for any condition. It means you can even cut wet grass with high lift blades.

4. Can you install mulching blades on any mower?

Not exactly. Mulching blades are compatible with a vast majority of lawnmowers. However, some older models don’t equip a compatible deck for such blades. So, you should check whether the spindle can connect to a blade or not.

5. Can I use mulching blades with side discharge?

Mulching blades are also referred to as all-purpose blades. You can use them to bag, mulch, or even discharge grass.

Final Words

It’s been a long journey up until now, and we have reached a conclusion. We researched and built a thing list based on the most sought-out models in their respective categories. Along the way, we tried to sort the best mulching blades for Husqvarna according to their size, mounting option, construction, durability, and functionality.

While making this list, the Oregano Mower G3 made a good impression as the overall best blade on the market. Yes, it’s a bit pricey but the functionality can recoup with the price.

However, if you are looking for a good budget option, go and check the Surefit mulching blade on our list. It’s a durable blade with a surprisingly affordable price tag. Maybe checking the blade kit will collect your appreciation.

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