Gravely Vs Ariens: Which Zero Turn Mower Should You Use?

Mowing the lawns seems such a basic task for people who are not used to it. However, doing this simple maintenance is actually crucial for homeowners so that the beauty of their lawn stays intact.

A major factor in this regard is what kind of mower is being used for the activity since these machines vary widely in features and designs.

That is why we are here to see how the two extremely popular mower brands compare against each other - Gravely vs Ariens.

A Brief About Gravely

Disadvantages Of Using Gravely Zero Turn Mowers

Gravely has been here for over a century designing machines to make your daily life easier and more efficient.

Keeping the American landscape in mind, their powerful vehicles are meant for professional landscapers who want to take care of areas without spending too much time or effort.

Among their intelligently engineered machines, the most popular ones include the zero turn mowers like ZT HD and ZT X. While the first model is primarily meant for homeowners, the latter has been tailored for commercial purposes.

Advantages Of Using Gravely Zero Turn Mowers

1. Comfortable Seats

Each of their zero turn models comes with a unique seat design that ensures both comfort and efficiency at the same time.

For instance, ZT X has a plush high-back seat with armrests while ZT HD has seat isolation to decrease fatigue. So you can pick the one which suits your regular seating struggles the best.

2. Ideal For Commercial Use

The zero turn mowers from Gravely are designed to be the ideal choice for professional landscapers who don’t mow the lawn just for maintenance, but for a living.

These machines are designed to have tons of useful cutting-edge features along with a powerful motor that reduces the pressure on those experts to mow flawlessly each time.

3. 180-Degree Maneuverability

They can do their job so flawlessly because of the maneuverability which allows you to turn 180 degrees. You don’t have to go back and forth to make the perfect turn.

As a result, it takes out the stress of going through complex calculations before making each turn.

Disadvantages Of Using Gravely Zero Turn Mowers

1. Expensive

Since these machines are built to be used commercially by professionals, each unit packs in a lot of technologically advanced features which require a higher cost to develop.

As a result, their price tags also go up and might be too expensive for a regular person’s budget.

2. Tricky on Slopes

Some machines of Gravely are not eligible for operating on slopes or similar areas. Running the models like ZT HD on a slope-like region can be quite tricky.

So if your regular mowing involves such areas, investing in these Gravely models may not be the wisest choice.

A Brief About Ariens

A Brief About Ariens

Since its inception in 1933, the family-owned Ariens company has been a dependable name for homeowners.

They now have customers across the world including the USA, the UK and Norway. Their extensive line of products includes zero turn mowers, walk-behind mowers and finishing tools.

Along with zero-degree turning, the zero turn mowers have been equipped with features that make them work faster with superior maneuverability than usual lawn tractors. There are also several attachments you can get to make your model even better.

Advantages Of Using Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

1. Ideal For Residential Use

Ariens zero turn mowers are mainly known to be the go-to solution for residential use. With a lightweight structure, they can go quite fast without compromising your comfort.

No matter what size of lawn you have at your home, Ariens has models which will be able to cover it effectively.

2. Affordable

One of the major advantages these Ariens mowers bring is their affordable price points. Being accessible at such an economical cost makes it possible for homeowners on a tight budget to still get a powerful, efficient machine.

3. Easy To Drive

Since operating their machines is very easy to learn, Ariens zero turn mower can be a good choice for those of you who have never tried mowing lawns before.

Even with its powerful build, the mowers can help beginners to get used to the dos and don’ts of this activity.

Disadvantages Of Using Ariens Zero Turn Mowers

1. Not The Best For Commercial Use

Although some Ariens mowers can fit the commercial mowing requirements, most of them would not be the best for such purposes.

They are not equipped with features required by the professionals to do their job efficiently every day.

2. Short Lifespan

Unfortunately, the mowers from Ariens can break down faster than the high-end ones. While being available at an economical price point makes them more budget-friendly choices for homeowners, it also means that their lifespan gets shorter if not maneuvered carefully.

Ariens Vs Gravely - What are The Differences? 

  • Applications

Although Ariens own the brand of Gravely, there are still major differences between the design and features of Gravely and Ariens zero turn mowers.

Because of these differences, the ones from Gravely are primarily used for commercial use while those from Ariens are aimed at homeowners.

  • Durability

Since the Gravely zero turn mowers are designed to be used for commercial purposes, they are built to be as durable as possible.

On the other hand, the Ariens mowers meant for residential use are a little less durable than Gravely. So Gravely wins in this aspect.

  • Comfort

Pretty much all zero turn mowers from Ariens and Gravely come with very comfortable seats.

You can feel comfortable the entire time you are mowing with these vehicles. Some models even include specific features to mitigate your fatigue and promote lateral stability for making it even more comfortable.

  • Weight

Gravely zero turn mowers tend to be more heavyweight because of all the extra features they include to keep up with the industry standards.

In contrast, the ones from Ariens are much more lightweight and easier to move around. So you can pick either based on your preferences.

  • Cost

If you are running on a tight budget, the mowers from Ariens can suit your requirements better since they come at a much more economical price point.

The Gravely zero turn mowers are quite expensive and thus appeal more to the professionals only who will be using them more frequently.

Bottom Line - Which One Should You Use?

From the deep research we have done above to see who would win the battle of Gravely vs Ariens, both of the brands seem to have certain benefits for different customers.

For instance, Gravely will be better for the professionals who work with mowers every day and thus require slightly higher-end features.

On the other hand, Ariens suit the homeowners who are looking for a more affordable option for their lawns.

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