Troy Bilt Pony Vs Bronco Tiller: Which One Should You Choose?

If you have even the slightest bit of experience in gardening, you should know how useful a tiller is. It's a very handy device that is used to break up clumps of soil.

Using a tiller, you can loosen up the soil for ease of plantation. This process also allows pesticides, medicines, or fertilizers to enter deeper into the soil.

Troy-Bilt is a brand that has been in the market for quite some time now. People know the brand for making effective yet affordable machinery.

So when you're buying a product from them, you can expect quality and durability for sure. Two of the most popular tillers that they have are the pony and bronco. Which one should you buy?

Today, we will find out which one between the Troy-Bilt pony vs bronco tiller is the perfect match for your gardening needs. So let's get started, shall we?

What Is A Garden Tiller?


When gardening, you might have noticed that the soil gets a bit clumpy and hard. Planting new seeds to this sort of soil can be very hard.

Because the soil is not loose and aerated, any nutrition that you add to it will not get through either.

A tiller is used to solve this issue. Garden tiller breaks up the soil into smaller parts so that you can use it for plantation. Seeds can be planted easily into this sort of loose soil.

You might confuse a tiller with a cultivator. But a cultivator is used to mix up already loose soil, whereas a tiller is used to break up the soil.

About Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller

About Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller

The Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller has a 7-inch tilling depth. With the 12 inches forward rotating bolo feature, the machine helps loosen soil quicker.

It's a very popular tiller from the brand. Many gardeners recommend getting the machine for effective fertilization.

This model combines powerful torque and forward rotating tines to give you a powerful performance. The tiller can be used on ground that has never been tilled before. As the model has great power, you can use this for the toughest gardening jobs.

Advantage Of Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller

The Troy-Bilt Pony tiller is a very popular choice amongst the crowd. Let's see a few of the beneficial features that it offers.

1. Engine

If you want a powerful tool to help you break up the soil faster, you need to invest in a tiller that has a powerful engine.

The Troy-Bilt Pony tiller has an 11.5 OHV Briggs & Stratton, power build, 4 cycles, and 250cc engine. This powerful machine can break up even the clumpiest and most hard-packed soil, in just a few minutes.

Besides being packed with power, the engine also runs very quietly to prevent sound pollution.

The fully efficient engine is designed to provide a higher torque of 11 lb/ft. Therefore, you can even use the machine on the ground that has not been tilled before.

2. Balance

The Troy-Bilt Pony tiller has a very well-balanced design, which is also easy to use. Users can often use the tool with one hand only.

Added 13-inch agricultural tires help become the machine sturdier. The wheels can ride over already tilled soil without patting it down.

Therefore, you can say that this line of tillers is quite efficient and effective at their job. It's very easy to guide and operate, which helps you get the job done quicker.

3. Front Bumper

A front bumper has been added to the Troy-Bilt pony tiller to protect the engine. This helps keep the machine intact for a longer time.

With your engine protected from wear and tear, the tiller becomes more durable. This in return, helps reduce the maintenance cost of the tiller.

4. Flexibility

There is a 13-inch agricultural tire on this unit, which allows you to use the machine even around obstacles.

Gardens often have huge rocks or some forms of decorations that cannot be moved. With the help of the power reverse feature and the tires, you can operate this tiller around the obstacles with ease.

5. Forward Rotating Bolo Tines

The engine on the machine helps dig 16 inches wide on the ground. The forward rotating tines make the tiller safer and more mobile.

These forward rotating bolo tines ensure that the machine jumps forward when it hits an object. Other tillers that push back when they meet an obstacle can be very dangerous.

To make the machine even safer, there is a 17-inch tine shield that prevents the tiller from hurting the user.

6. Durability

Tillers are not an inexpensive gardening tool. Made with cast iron and bronze gear drives, this Troy-Bilt pony tiller will surely last you a long time.

Because the tiller has both power and forward-reverse on both speed options, you can use it regularly on rough ground without worrying about ruining the machine.

Disadvantages Of Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller

While the Troy-Bilt pony tiller has so many advantages, sadly it has a few disadvantages as well. Let's take a look at the cons of this product.

1. Not Good For Corners

If you have edges or tight corners in your garden, this might not be the right tiller for you.

The product has a 16-inches tilling width. Therefore you cannot work it around smaller corners or edges. It’s a machine that has been designed for use in large gardens.

If your garden is small to medium in size, you might be better off with a tiller that has a narrower tilling width. The Troy-Bilt Bronco that we discussed below is a great option for that.

2. Doesn’t Dig Too Deep

The machine only has a 7-inch digging depth. Therefore the tool is not capable of digging too deep.

There are plenty of other tillers in the market and even from Troy-Bilt that are capable of going deeper.

If the soil that you are tilling is old and has become hard, it might be difficult for the tiller to work on it. Older soil remains hard quite deep in the layers. For this, you need a tiller that can reach further down in the soil.

Although the powerful engine added to the machine helps with efficient digging, an increase in the depth of digging would be quite helpful.

About Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller


The Troy-Bilt Bronco tiller was made for small to medium-sized gardens.

It has a 14-inch tilling width. Therefore you can use the machine in tight corners or edges quite easily.

Troy-Bilt has designed its Bronco tillers to be versatile and effective. The machines come with a 6-inchtilling depth and 10-inch bolo lines.

Advantage Of Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller

The Troy-Bilt Bronco tiller is surely one of the most popular products from the brand. Here are the advantages that it has.

1. Counter Rotating Tines

They travel in the reverse direction of the machine's wheels. This way the machine gets the power for breaking even the most well-packed soil very easily. It's perfect for challenging soils that are quite old and jam-packed.

2. 14 Inches Tilling Width

Even if the tilling width on your tiller is narrower, you can reach all the edges in your garden easily. This opens up a vast range of opportunities and uses.

You can operate a tiller with a narrow width on a large-sized garden. It will just take you a lot of time to get the work done. But you can't use a tiller with a wide tilling width on a smaller garden.

3. Ergonomic Design

Quite similar to most of the products that Troy-Bilt manufactures, this Bronco tiller has a very well-balanced design as well.

To make things easier for you, the 1-inch handles allow you to get a better grip on the machine. You can even operate the machine using only one hand.

4. Versatility

Not only can you use this tiller for loosening soil for plantation, but you can also use it to mix compost into the soil. It’s like a two-in-one product.

Disadvantages Of Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller

We’ve discussed the advantages that we get from the Troy-Bilt Bronco tiller. Now it's time to look at the limitations it has.

1. Only 6 Inches Tilling Depth

The Tiller only has a 6-inch tilling depth. This is not enough to dig deep into the hardened ground.

Also given that the engine is only 208 cc, the machine is not powerful enough to till soil that is too hard.

2. 11 Inches Wheels

Since the wheels are a bit smaller on this machine, it's better not to use them in gardens that have a lot of obstacles.

It's not a very hefty machine with powerful wheels, so when it hits an obstacle there's a possibility of you losing control over the machine. This can be a huge safety hazard.

Troy-Bilt Bronco Vs Pony Tiller

Now it's time to compare both tillers side by side. This is the only way you'll get to know which one is the better option. Here are some comparison factors that we have used to judge the two models.

1. Uses

As the Troy-Bilt Bronco has smaller wheels and a 14-inch digging width, you can use this unit on small to medium sized gardens.

An advantage that you get from the Bronco is that you can use it to mix fertilizer on the ground.

The Troy-Bilt Pony has a wider 16-inch digging width and larger 13-inch wheels. This makes the product ideal for larger gardens.

Both the machines are used to break up hard soil into smaller pieces.

2. Affordability

A Troy-Bilt pony tiller is a gardening machine that has been made for larger gardens. It also has a more powerful engine. So, naturally, the pony is a bit more expensive than the Bronco.

If you have a tight budget, and a smaller garden, the Troy-Bilt Bronco tiller will be the better option for you.

3. Engine

When it comes to the power of the engine, the Troy-Bilt Pony Tiller Is the clear winner. The machine comes with an 11.50 HV Briggs & Stratton, power-built, four-cycle, 250cc engine.

The brand has made no compromise in power for this model. This is one of the main reasons why you can use the Troy-Bilt pony tiller on the ground that has obstacles and has never been tilled before.

On the other hand, the Troy-Bilt Bronco Tiller has a 208cc OHV engine, with 5.5 HP. When compared, the Bronco has a less powerful engine than Pony.

4. Tilling Depth

The tilling depth on both Troy-Bilt Pony and Bronco tillers is not that impressive. But the Troy-Bilt pony tiller has a 7-inch depth while the Bronco only has a 6-inch tilling depth.

You can go deeper into the ground using a Troy-Bilt pony tiller. When it comes to the efficiency, and effectiveness of the machine, the Troy-Bilt pony takes the crown thanks to its 7-inch tilling depth.

5. Ease Of Use

Both Troy-Bilt Bronco and Pony tillers have a very good balance. You can use both the tillers with just one hand.

But the Troy-Bilt Bronco has a 1-inch wide handle that is easy to hold on to for a long time. This handle gives you a better grip and control over the machine.

Also, the Troy-Bilt pony has a 16-inch width while the Bronco has a 14-inch width. You cannot use the pony to get into the nooks and crevices of your garden. The machine has to be used on a large field.

But with the Bronco, you can get access to all the edges and corners of your garden quite easily.

If you're talking about the overall user-friendliness of the tillers, The Troy-Bilt Bronco will be the better option.

6. Tires

As we've mentioned before, the Troy-Bilt Bronco has 11-inch wheels. This might not be ideal if you want to use the machine in gardens that have a lot of obstacles.

On the other hand, the troy-bilt pony has 13-inch wheels. This, with the forward rotating bolo lines, make the machine very safe to use on bumpy grounds.

If the machine meets an obstacle it will jump forward, not backward, keeping you safe from accidents. The Troy-Bilt Pony is the safer and better option in this case.

7. Durability

Both the pony and the Bronco have been made with cast iron, and bronze gear drives. Therefore there's not much difference between both the models when it comes to durability.

There is no clear winner between the two. But users have stated that the Troy-Bilt pony is better for rough and regular use, and doesn't need much maintenance.

Comparison Chart between Troy-Bilt Pony and Bronco Tiller


Troy-Bilt Pony

Troy-Bilt Bronco


11.50 HV Briggs & Stratton, Power-Built, Four-Cycle, 250cc Engine

208cc OHV Engine, With 5.5 HP

Building Material

Cast Iron, And Bronze Gear Drives

Cast Iron, And Bronze Gear Drives


13-Inch Wheels

11-Inch Wheels

Digging Depth



Digging Width




Can Be Used Over Obstacles

Cannot Be Used Over Obstacles


Can Be Operated Using One Hand

Can Be Operated Using One Hand

Which One Should You Choose?

So we have looked at both the Troy-Bilt pony and Bronco tillers.

If you have a smaller budget, the Bronco tiller will be a better option for you. The machine can reach into all of the corners because it has a narrower width. With the 1 inch handle and the well-balanced design, this tiller is quite easy to use.

But with the Troy-Bilt pony, you get a very powerful 250cc, 11.50 HV, 4 cycle engine. There's no doubt that this machine can aerate, and break up hardened soil. 13-inch wheels on the machine allow easy maneuverability.

Also, the wheels don't put any pressure on the soil and keep it in broken-up form.

With a tilling depth of 7 inches, you get better efficiency with the Pony model. The forward rotating bolo lines ensure your safety each time you use the machine.

We would say, that in the Battle of Troy-Bilt pony tiller vs Bronco tiller, Pony is the winner. Yes, you have to pay a bit more for this machine, but the effectiveness and efficiency of the tiller are worth every penny!

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